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Discussion in 'Travel & What's on' started by SEFFnSARAH, Mar 1, 2009.


    SEFFnSARAH Guest

    Don't know if this is the right place to post this thread but hopefully the right people will see it.
    We have just had our visa approved so things are now a little more real. We have considered all over but have really settled on Sunshine Coast - ideally around Caloundra, Pelican Waters etc. We have 2 children 4/5 and are looking for the same as everyone - somewhere good for families - safe beaches, play areas, cycle tracks etc to leave the Aussie Dream. It must also be OK for Seff for work. Don't know where he will find it at the mo, but hoping around there are at worst Brisbane (know it is about hour travelling on a good run and he is prepared to consider this to start with.)
    However, looking on Real Estate we keep coming up with Bribie Island - in particular Banksia Beach. The houses look great and quite a reasonable price for rental. At the moment it has put a real spanner in the works - what's it like? How easy is it to get around? Is there enough to do? Do we have a 3 hour round trip to do the grocery shop?
    Any help anyone can give would be gratefully received.
    Sarah x

  2. hi ,not sure if you are still looking at bribie , but if you are go for it ,just come back from visting my sister who lives 10 min from bribie . we are also looking at that area and went over to look around and fell in love with the place .there is everthing you will need from shops(aldi) woolworths (supermarket),docs ,library,video,shop,lots of coffee shops ,cinema,in fact everything you need .houese are chep there yes but if you look at sandstone point which is straight off the bridge and turnright 5 mins down there is again another community with again local shops but a bit cheaper on retal .and yes beachs are safe as well as lush !!!!!!!!!
    good luck go on google as well will give you an idea on area
  3. hi,clusterofgeals again,
    forgot to say my sister has three boys as well all under 9 and two go to the school on the island ,no problems .need any more info give me a mail .nicky x
  4. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    I believe the only down side to Bribie is the bridge!!! Unless you can get work on Bribie the commute on and off the island is supposed to be a traffic nightmare. Other than that you dont here any bad reports really so i take that as a good thing,lol
    Cal x
  5. Its Me

    Its Me New Member

    Hi sorry only just seen this thread, I havnt been on for ages.....We live on Bribie Island in Banksia beach, we love it here , we have 2 boys 15 nd 11 they both love it here we never intended to stop here but we fell lin love with it, There is everything you need here apart from clothes shopping........The bridge itself i have never seen any problems with it and i have been over it lots at different times of the day....... Plenty of clubs for kids to join and it also seems very safe, The High school dosent hold a very good reputatation, but I cant comment as my eldest dosent go to it, he goes to Grace Lutheran school which is a private one . My 11 yr old goes to Banksia Beach junior school which is a fab school the head their is fantastic, I cant praise the school enough. The house pices for renting are reasonable and you get quite alot more for ya money than suburbs nearer Brisbane, You are also near some fab beaches on the Sunshine coast,which are only an hours drive away. Also the gold coast is only an hour and a half away, to me we are in the middle for everything. The Highway into Brisbane is a nightmare on a morning and evening at rush hour, My OH works in the city and travels on the train from Caboolture it takes about 1 1/2 hours but is a relaxing journey, he always said he would never travel that amount of time, but now its just the norm......If I can help with any info feel free to PM me.

    Claire. XX
  6. Bribie Island whats it like

    the point of the this thread is like hangout, the only rule is that you have to spell the words like they sound. see how good you are at it.

    hay, may bee this thread will pic up?

    I sure people can do better.

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