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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by lisa hanna, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. lisa hanna

    lisa hanna New Member


    just thought i would say hello only just found this site !!! we live in brisbane in a place called north lakes and have doneso for 2 years really enjoying australia but still get quite lonely sometimes so if anyone want to meet up let me know would love a good chin wag :wub: there is me my hubby and two children.

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  2. Its Me

    Its Me New Member

    Just wanted to welcome you to the site !!!

    Claire. XX
  3. Rach&family

    Rach&family Guest

    hi lisa we live in wigan hopefully be doing the move to brisbane early next year, there is also me my hubby and my 2 girls what ages are yours mine are 3 and 17 months what do u both do for jobs if you dont mind me asking x
  4. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hiya have you looked at our other site have a browse of the social gathering section , there are often meets in the city, northside and sunny coast.
    Cal x
  5. lisa hanna

    lisa hanna New Member

    hiya Rach

    we both work i work in a school and hubby works in sales ,so wot kind ov work are u in are your visas all done or are u in the witing game???

    what part of wigan are you from we im from newsprings/aspull and hubby from whelley

    spaek soon

  6. Rach&family

    Rach&family Guest

    hi lisa, ya visas all sorted we have to activate them before november so we will be out then for a visit, where from pemberton area my husband is self employed plasterer and im just doing a waitressing job till we save some more money, so how old are your children how you finding brisbane x
  7. lisa hanna

    lisa hanna New Member

    hiya rach

    we really love brisbane the area we are in now is very new and full ov english they do call it little britan but it as everything u could want . we have amiee who is 13 and luke who is 7 im 30 and ian is 33 :eek: so when u planning a trip ?? and which part are u planing on settleing down in ??

  8. lulu2001

    lulu2001 Guest

    Hiya..wouldn't mind meeting for that coffee this week if you are free..move into our house next Wednesday, so will be busy unpacking after that. Usually around in the area at 3pm as I pick the kids up from schoool.

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