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Discussion in 'Health & Lifestyle' started by shoreysleisure, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. Do they have council tax or the AUS equivalent? When renting do they have any extra bills that I do not know about that I would need to take into account when working out finances?


    Mel :err:

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    If renting furnished you should only have the weekly rent to pay.
    If renting unfurnished you will have to get your own contents insurance and also sort your electric and telephone out, which normally involves a $50(ish) connection fee. Very few houses in Brisbane have gas, the landlord is responsible for buildings insurance and rates.

    Cal x
  3. did you buy a house straight away when you arrived? or did you rent temporarily?
  4. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    We rented for 6 months , we arrived November , bought in February and gutted it and renovated whilst in the rental. Worked well for us, even though 2 years later we are still working on it getting it as we want. There was nothing here, not even a patio! its satisfying knowing we have done it ourselves but its bloody hard work too,lol.
    Cal x
  5. Sounds a lot of work at least your were over there doing it instead of in the UK - which is freezing at the minute I have to say.

    Did you have your rented house ready for you when you moved or did you stay in temporary accommodation first then looked for somewhere while you were here. I already feel the stress that is ahead of me haha!
  6. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Living with a man as tight fisted as Gary he wouldnt pre-book anything,lol, yeah we will be rite attitude ! and we fell flat on our arses,lol, hence we later started Jimboomba Relocations, we didnt know where to go to do anything and relied on friendly aussies to point us in the right direction. No-one told us you had to apply for rentals and that they aren't always available to move into straight away,lol, the kids spent the first few weeks moaning about driving around everywhere,lol,looking at suburbs, looking at cars, looking for jobs, the list was endless.
    If i did it over again i would completely ignore him,lol, and book either a relocation company or a cabin type accommodation for a few weeks, 4 people stuck in one hotel/motel room for 3 weeks sure wont be fun,lol.
    Cal x
  7. oh no! that would have not been fun. That's what I imagined we would be doing if I didn't ask you all a millions questions. So you run Jimboomba Relocations? Well thats good to know. I never listen to my husband lol!
  8. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Yes myself and hubby designed it to help with the pitfalls we came across, we cater for anyone but especially familys. I have the rentals complete with toys, games,books, videos everything i would have liked to keep my 2 happier them first few weeks.
    If i take a family to register with Medicare ,i normally take the kids around the pet shop next door so mum and dad can chat with reception and ask any questions ,much easier than trying to ask with a child clinging to your legs asking ''can we go now'',lol.
    We also decided to offer unlimited internet help with 3 of our 4 packages as i know only to well how many questions pop into your head and it saves searching aroundon the internet for answers.
    Cal x
  9. oooo well that's good to know. It always better to deal with someone who has done it and experienced all the pitfalls.

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