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  1. coventrycelt

    coventrycelt New Member

    Hi There,
    The Gap FC in The Gap, Brisbane is the best club in Brisbane to join for players from the UK and Ireland, last season we had about 40 players from back home playing at different levels of mens football.
    The clubs committee are also predominately Poms, so we have a unique club atmosphere the same as we would get back home where players mix and socialise together and have the craic.
    Its a great way of having an instant new circle of friends, we have great facilities with a large licensed clubhouse and one of the best football surfaces in Brissie.
    The club has just recruited an English coach with an A license, who has a great track record of sucess here in Brisbane at the highest level to run our top squad.
    We play our football in Premier 2 which is a decent sat or sunday standard from back home.
    preseason training starts in December and the league runs from late feb until september.
    The club has links with Celtic FC, via their merger with the Brisbane Celtic Supporters Club teams, and Celtic used our fields as their training base when they played in Brisbane in 2009, and have run training camps at the club.
    All quality players are welcome to come along and join us, regardless of what football team you support,lol.

    Anyone interested can contact me via private message

    We are only15 minutes out from Brisbane CBD, so get in touch and I can give you more details.


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  2. the scottish smiths

    the scottish smiths New Member

    John that sounds fantastic, i would love to be involved even if its only to train, im 32 now and very out of shape, BUT..... coming from just outside glasgow and being a Blue Nose i cant play in green. lol. i hope to move out before christmas so ill be in touch when i know more info,
  3. coventrycelt

    coventrycelt New Member

    You would be made very welcome, nearly all the lads are EPL fans, so the Celtic link is only really via me, the Scots lads realise they have more in common with each other over here, including Bluenoses and Hoops fans, so they tend to hang around together.
    We have another Gers lads who was with Queens Park who we are trying to sign, he hangs around with all the lads but has the same problem with the hoops shirts, so we suggested he wears a Gers top or sleeveless shirt underneath, lol.
    Its totally different over here, with Celtic and Rangers being small fry compared to the big EPL teams, except on Old firm games which sadly we are being deprived of for a while.

    Start getting fit before you come over and get in touch nearer the time
  4. the scottish smiths

    the scottish smiths New Member

    ill be in touch, playing in hoops tops, this could be difficult, one thing tho, i aint doing a huddle. lol. i have also run a team here in scotland, not been with them for the last year but started it with my mate in 2009. took them to 2 promotions and a national cup final which we lost in extra time. carnwath afc, have a look,

    take care

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