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Discussion in 'Jobs & Careers' started by slacky, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. slacky

    slacky New Member

    For all those wondering about the work situation over here,Its not too good at the moment.We got our visas last march,had a recce trip in July,there was loads of work about,(by the way i'm a Carpenter) went back to the UK,sold our house(very lucky there) and headed back here on Jan 5th.I have been looking for a job since then.The recession is biting here especially the building trade.I think things will pick up here sooner than the UK, GOOD LUCK
  2. kevin jc

    kevin jc New Member

    Hey Des
    Thanks for the welcome mate, hope you and yours are setteling in well, we are a long way off getting there at the mo in the vetassess stage, If im not reading forums or looking with envious eyes at im writing cheques out to our agent hand over fist.
    Hope it will be worth it, am sure it will be, Also by the time we get out there we would hope the building trade picks up a bit ( plumber/gas fitter certs) tiling and painting as a fall back i guess.
    and if that did not work out i guess i would have to get used to asking,,,,,do you want frys with that sir? lol :laugh:
    Still, good luck on the job search :rolleyes:
    have you decided where to settle if you dont mind me asking? Im liking the look of north lakes so far and heard good things about it, just so long as it's not to far from the work i guess.
    All the best
  3. slacky

    slacky New Member

    Hi Kev,
    We are in Redcliffe,15 mins from North Lakes,loads of brits there,Its a nice area(very modern)but the houses are close together, alright if you like it like that.Good link to Brisbane next to the bruce highway,loads of shops and facilities.
    We chose Redcliffe because its close to fantastic beaches and the lagoon.Good luck with the skills test,its not that bad and the assesors are helpful.also we used an agent and I would reccomend that to anyone,its a minefield,but well worth it....
    Hope this helps a bit ........Des.
  4. john&kayj

    john&kayj Guest

    Hello Slacky,
    I am also in the building trade (plasterer) and waiting on my state sponsor. We have been looking at Redcliffe as a place to settle, could you please keep me posted as to how the construction work in that area is. Many thanks, John 43, Kay 40, Luke 15 and Fay 8 and border terrier Blue 3
  5. slacky

    slacky New Member

    Hi John,
    The word is that work is picking up,the economy is much the same as the UK but not nearly as bad.
    With rising house prices first time buyers can't get on the ladder,but it seems there is a shortage of housing.So we will have to wait and see,I will keep you all informed.
    GOOD LUCK.........Des,Julie,David.

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