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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by jonbox75, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. jonbox75

    jonbox75 Guest


    I know you can't get the site over here but is there a pay site to get it? Can anyone help out, missing Top Gear

  2. Love Shoes

    Love Shoes Super Moderator

    We have Apple TV and I have seen loads of Top Gear on there, you can but single episodes or a series, you will need to set up an iTunes account, but personally I would say it is worth it, we hire moves on there, they give you 28 days to view them but once you start viewing, you have 48 hours.

    i can't answer your ? Re BBC player, but would recommend the Apple TV, easy to set up, idiot proof in fact, easy to use, it costs around $99 plus a cable ......

    Let me know if you have any ?s re the Apple TV .... it is a very small item too, not much bigger than a large box of matches
  3. thehousehunters

    thehousehunters New Member

    Look into foxtel/austar they are pay tv providers

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