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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Mark and Jo, May 10, 2008.

  1. Mark and Jo

    Mark and Jo The MadHatters

    I said that I would post when I got home!

    G`Day from sunny Brissie!

    We are back in town! We had a great time and actually for once we do feel like we have been away. I feel like we have been away for a month! Mind you, that was the plan!:wink:

    We left on Monday and went and left the car at a budget parking thing just outside the airport. It was $55 from Monday to Friday and you really cant complain at that can you! We got a flight from Brisbane to Hamilton Island at 10: 15. The flight up was great as we hugged the coastline the entire way up and had great views. Well, I did from my window seat. We got offered the emergency exit aisles too which meant more leg room! Good for me and him!

    We landed at about 11:45. Hamilton Island Airport is well....tiny! The runway goes from one end of the island to the other so if the pilot buggers it`re in trouble! There is a big section at each end of the runway for the plane to literally do a 3 point turn!

    You leave Hamilton Island airport and not 50 yards away is the dockside. You get on a Cruise Whitsunday Catamaran which takes you on the 30 minute hop to Long Island. We had a nice old crossing going there, not rough at all as we were actually heading back towards the mainline. Long Island is in between Hamilton Island and the mainland. You are met at the quay side by resort staff who take you on a little golf cart thing back to your reception. You are given the quick "this is where everything is" speech which of course no`one was listening too as we were all staring at the bar and the view. After we checked into our room we went down for lunch . Our room was no more than 10 feet from the sand. The room looked like the internet said it would and I am so pleased. We opened our back door onto beach views, a hammock and the most amazing sunsets.

    The meals were all buffet. Turn up between two times and eat for all you can shove in!!! Breakfasts were great! Lunches and dinners tended to go on themes for the last 2 days. There was a "pasta lunch" and an "asian day" which Mark absolutely adored but it did leave me a little hungry! There was a cafe there that did burgers etc but just my luck that was closed on the days that I needed to use it! Drinks and cocktails were all reasonably priced. You expect a little price hike on these resort places but they were okay! Mark made a dent into a few "JETSKI" cocktails which was bacardi, vodka, mango liquer, lime and lemonade. We drunk a fair few beers and some wine between us too. We did get a bottle of sparkly wine and a $50 room credit (which I am guessing was for our anniversary). :smile:

    We thought that Brissie was laid back and slow but HELLO!!! We were on an island where there were no roads, just pathways and golf carts! Talk about slow! There was the resort, the resort and the resort!! There were some walks through the national park areas of the island but we actually didnt feel the need to go exploring. Considering the other side of the island was only 400metres away! We were constantly bombarded by wildlife too which was great. The wallabies just sat on the pathway staring at you as we walked back from dinner. The lorikeets and the kookaburras used our footbath outside our door as a drinking pool and bathwater!! When we say lorikeets we mean LOADS of them! The noise was phenomenal! It was box Jellyfish season but the guide from the hotel said that he had been swimming for a month and not seen any. We didnt see any either. Saw a stingray on the last day tho!

    Fantastic resort for couples, young, old and especially for families. The living apartments were dispersed and they seemed to really take care on where they placed everyone. We were up the quiet end with the couples. There were a few weddings there too and we saw the hotel photographer wandering the beach doing all the pics with the couples.

    Oh yeah hammocks - Mark has a new relationship with them! He loves them! He wants one and I suppose I will have to entertain that! Just have to figure where we will "sling it". We have plenty of palms to choose from , just dont have the sea views and the sand like we have had for the last week! :rolleyes:

    We really did nothing. The aim was to just be together and be lazy which we havent done for so long. The last time we had a decent holiday on our own was 2001.

    Sat on the beach staring at the stars. Oh my god, you dont realise how many stars there are! My lovely husband still glances occasionally for the northern star!!!! I know, I know!!!!!! The views of the stars were amazing when you were laid in a hammock with a beer in your hand!

    Left on Friday on the 1055 ferry. Didnt have our flight til 1445 so we had a coffee and chilled out waiting for check in. EVeryone was there ready for the flight so it set off 20 minutes early!! WHEN does that ever happen????? Nice flight back on Virgin blue airlines. Picked up our car and home sweet home!

    Got Ozzy back today! I never thought that I would be one of those crazies but I MISSED THE DOG!!!!! It was good to see him and he is healthy and back home with us! Chewing on a huge marrowbone as we speak!

    Thats all guys,

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    sounds lovely Jo ,whats the website you booked off?
    Cal x
  3. Mark and Jo

    Mark and Jo The MadHatters

  4. asmith15

    asmith15 New Member

    Hi, must say - it sounds fantastic,thats one place i am going on holiday to !! was it expensive if you dont mind me asking ?
  5. Mark and Jo

    Mark and Jo The MadHatters

    COst us $2000 for the week. only extra to pay was drinks. That was flights, resort, food and some water sports

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