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Discussion in 'Jobs & Careers' started by Lillian44, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Lillian44

    Lillian44 Guest

    Hi Everyone

    I am fairly new to this website having used poms in oz before - but here goes.

    After two long years we eventally sold our house and arrive in Brisbane on 4th July. I can feel the stress already trying to organise everything and still maintain a normal life for my partner and two kids without freaking out... Trying to keep a lid on it lol...

    What I wondered was we have 4 lovely weeks at Kings Beach, Caloundra and would dearly love to stay there but don't know what the work situation is for a hard working Plasterer and Medical Secretary.

    Can anyone give me any advice. Have been told by few people we will need to move closer to Brisbane or have to commute.

    Any advice greatl received as starting to panic..... help.......please

    Many thanks in advance

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Work is supposed to be harder to find up on The sunny coast,, however you can only go and see, whist there you can test the water on the job scene and if you have no joy look closer to Brisbane.
    Good Luck
    Cal x
  3. srp

    srp No longer active member

    Hi Lillian,

    If you have 4 weeks up there it will do no harm to what is available and see if your OH can find something suitable, as Cal said work is supposed to be harder to find on the sunny coast. On the bright side my wife has been looking for admin jobs and she has seen several ads for medical secretary work, so you may stand a better chance of finding work.

    Good luck with your move.
  4. bacardi167

    bacardi167 New Member

    Speaking from experience, the further outside brissie you go, the harder the jobs become to find and get into...Just demgraphics i guess....
    There are exceptions like surfers P but not sure you'd want to live there.
    Get one around brissie, that then will give you an income whilst looking.
    there is a very good medical job agency In woolloongabba where i live and are always looking for medical staff. If i find out the name i'll post it.- good luck
  5. bacardi167

    bacardi167 New Member

    Hi, i have been contacted by a site that says they are looking for medical / healthcare sitaff. It was as part of another brits in brisbane type site.
    Apparently, if i recommend someone and they work 10 shifts, then i get $200 !! - result.
    Would you like me to put you forward or give you the website... I could do with the $200 !!!
    If you want to contact mer directly then please use my personal e-mail.
    I promise you this is nothing dodgy and Cal & srp will verify my status as a regular poster.
    Hoping to hear from you soon...Ifnot then no prob, just thought i may help you out.
    Steve ( from London - but dont hold that against me)!!
  6. brewers

    brewers Guest

    Hi Lillian

    My husband and I landed 1st Nov 2009. We live in Caloundra area and wouldn't move anywhere else!!
    We've both been lucky enough to find work (though my husband is now on his 3rd Job).

    Most Tradies Travel to Brisbane with work anyway as a lot of Firms cover all the way down to the city.

    My Husband is a Plumber with a local firm but works most days in Brissie. I work in IT and have had no problem finding work on the coast.

    Once you've experienced life on the coast you won't want to move - you just can't beat finishing work on Friday and taking the kids down the beach for Fish & chips!!!

    In our experience it is very hard work, there are good days & bad ones too but the privilige of living in such a beautiful place is worth it!!

    PS we are having to break our lease early on our 3 bed house (with pool) it will be available from the beginning of August - if your interested PM me for more details.

    We can meet up for coffee if you like when you get here as we'll practically be neighbours.

  7. Lillian44

    Lillian44 Guest

    Hi there

    that sounds good as long as there are no catches. We arrive on 4th July so we can take it from there.

    thanks and keep me posted

  8. Lillian44

    Lillian44 Guest

    HI Lindsay

    I have private mailed you - and would love to meet up and am extremely interested in the house as we need a house from 1st August.

    Lets meet up after we arrive

    keep in touch

  9. maxy66

    maxy66 Guest

    Hi Lillian,

    Myself, wife and kids arrive 1 week after you and also heading up to Caloundra to stay with friends.
    I have landed a great job but is southside at Acacia ridge 117kms away. Up to 2 hours each way!

    I am going to try the commute up and down for abit and see how it goes. We love the sunny coast and would love to settle there. If it is too much of a problem will have to move southside and have been looking at the bayside areas, Thornlands and Victoria point. I have yet to visit but know people there and they say its a great place.

    Good luck with the move...

    Steve...Also starting to panic!!!

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