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Discussion in 'Jobs & Careers' started by CAL123, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. CAL123

    CAL123 Guest

    I have spent hours sending out my husbands CV for loads of engineering vaccancies and all I get back is automative responses saying your details don't match out criteria.....starting to wonder if these jobs are atually real??

    Whats anyone else's experience was and any tips for finding good engineering jobs in australia?
  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Its very difficult to even get a reply if your not succesful ,especially if your not in the country so recieving one at all is rare,lol, Keep trying, dont give up, you only need one to say Yes!!
    Have you tried using the White Pages to compile a list of companys and ringing them ? This is much more affective as they cant just click delete!! Dont just contact companys who are advertising for staff ,contact them all..

    Good Luck and i hope this helps a little
    Cal x
  3. CAL123

    CAL123 Guest


    Thanks for that. I appreciate its difficult and I thought with his qualifications Phd and international experience it would be a lot easier. I will give what you say a try and see how we get on. Like you say it only takes one. Ill keep going!!!..lolx
  4. Wendy

    Wendy Guest

    If your husband is not getting any interviews it could be his CV. I'm a recruiter so I do know about these things! -:)

    A CV should match the job applied for - 'one size wont fit' all jobs applied for. Do a one page cover letter also and ensure he addresses the criteria in the job advert. [This is where you sell yourself!]

    Check out CV preparation on Google - there is a wealth of info out there. Not sure where you are from but in Australia a CV should start with the most recent role and go back to earlier ones. And don't give more than 10 years of experience. Don't include age/religion/interests/marital status/school details [but do include technical and uni quals though].

    Good Luck.


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