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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by fuzzbox, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. fuzzbox

    fuzzbox New Member

    Hi there everyone...

    HELP !!!!!

    We are planning our move for sometime in the summer of 09...Hubby is sitting practical in FEB..
    We have been concidering what to bring with us and what to leave behind. We have quite a bit of furniture from IKEA and have been told that it is equally cheap over there. However when I looked on the Logan Ikea web page the things that I have alredy got are twice as expensive - e.g Expidit Bookcase uk = £45 (£19 for today only !!!) Auz = $149 ...I have 3 of these !!!! Malm draws 3 set - UK = £49 , Auz - $199 ..I have 7 of these !! This scared me slightly and I am now bringing all my furniture with me...
    My concern is now for appliances, I have a large American style fridge freezer which lots of houses seem to have over there so no worries about it fitting in the kitchen, but how much are they to buy over there???

    Where can you buy t.v's.....washing machines.....dryers......dvd players.....fridge freezers....microwaves ect....and how much do they cost ??????? please help????

    My dilema is do I bring or buy new ????

    Thanks for any replies in advance...

    Lisa xx

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    The big electrical stores here are
    Retrovision / RT Edwards
    Dick Smiths
    The Good Guys

    Ebay Australia will also give you a guide to prices, the only thing to consider when bringing appliances with you is that the guarantee won't be valid.
    Cal x
  3. fuzzbox

    fuzzbox New Member

    aaaahh Good point Cal..however there are no gaurentees left on anything...I will look at the web sites for the shops you said...

    Cheers hun x

    Lisa x
  4. jam jar

    jam jar New Member

    and i mean everything, why sell, (more than likely) decent stuff, for next to nothing, or even give things away, then have to start replacing it all again, and when you think youve got to start replacing everything, thats alot of stuff, from big items of furniture, and electicals, right down to cutlery, plates, towels, bedding, sheets, quilts, pillows, coat hangers, etc, (and you more than likely want more than 1 set of each!), then all your other kitchen bits and bobs, pans, scales, baking tins, dishes, containers etc, etc, etc, cds, games, consoles, and then all the other stuff that make your house a home, pictures, ornaments, vases, lamps, then outdoor stuff, lawnmowers, garden tools, patio table and chairs, etc,etc, etc, kids bikes, scooters, etc, etc, etc. (the list goes on)
    but if you were to get rid and buy new, then where do you stop at getting rid of stuff, youve probably got loads of personal stuff, photos, kids stuff, and then stuff that you realise you just couldnt part with, so you'd probably be shipping that anyway.
    we think the furniture and electrical shops are cheaper in england, (we wish we'd bought more stuff over there to bring with us!!), we did ship most of our stuff, (had about 2/3rds of a container), and weve still had to buy more furniture here!
    also dont forget, usually the houses are bigger here, and usually with more than 1 living area, so you do need a bit more furniture to fill them anyway.
    before we came, someone told us, not to ship our stuff, and that you could furnish a whole house over here for $10.000, what a joke!! (yeh, maybe in 1973!!), i'd like to see them try!
    also, if you did buy new, you see something that is perfectly fine, at reasonable price, then see something a bitnicer or more 'fashionable' and buy that one, do this with everything and youve spent a hell of a lot more than you planned in the first place!!

    and in my opinion, youve got enough to sort out and buy, than having to start looking round for household stuff, and enough to spend your money on, like a rental and bond, buying a car, kids school uniforms, etc, etc, etc.

    best of luck in whatever you decide,
    (keep in touch)

    (sorry for the long reply)
  5. fuzzbox

    fuzzbox New Member


    Hi Joanne....

    Thankyou for the long many times you post something on here and apart from the very welcome replies from the moderators...people just tend to read and not THANK YOU.
    I am not sure but I think you have replied to me before, are you origionaly from sheffield in the uk???? Either way I think you are bang right...I will be reading you post very quickly to my other half. There is so much you need to bring and if you were to replace everything then it would be very very expensive..
    My only worry is living without our stuff untill it arrives in Brisbane...whats the best way round that ??? do you just go and buy camping furniture?? LOL
    We are getting a little closer to the eventual big move, and things have been announced fron the Oz government saying visa'a will be processed faster now...I so so hope that they will..

    What did you do when your stuff was shipped?? Did you move in to furnished rentals or just wait for your own ??
    Would be interested to hear from people as to what they did ??

    Cheers again Joanna

    Lisa xx
  6. jam jar

    jam jar New Member

    hi lisa,

    yep, thats me!!

    been meaning to Pm you and ask how things are going.

    yeh, we rented a furnished house until our stuff arrived, booked it for 4 weeks, (from england), but then had to rent another for another 3, as we hadnt found a long term rental in that time, (but that was 2 years ago in adelaide and rentals were being snapped up), luckily the house next door came available and we got that.

    also PMed you

  7. fuzzbox

    fuzzbox New Member

    Cheers Joanna

    Messaged you back too...thought it was you !!!

    Speak soon

    Lisa x

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