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Discussion in 'Job Vacancies' started by Hoss78, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. Hoss78

    Hoss78 Guest

    Hi new to this site am after some advice,I am currently a registered nurse in the uk with an advanced diploma,I am in the process of obtaining a skilled migrant visa ( police checks medicals ect) to move to QLD,however I have been informed that aphra changed the qualifying criteria to be registered to work and I'm worried that my uk qualification will not meet their criteria,can anybody advise

  2. Iscashe

    Iscashe Guest

    Sorry inadvertantly posted, newbie goof :rolleyes:
    There's a lot of info/discussion about AHPRA on the sister site to this one, Poms in thread goes on for over a hundred pages! Current position appears to be that adult diploma nurses don't get registered unless they do a top-up degree or go through a bridging program. MH, LD and paeds diploma nurses can get registered with supervision requirements.
    But it keeps changing, AHPRA are very confusing so keep following the threads. I haven't started the process yet (am a MH diploma nurse) so can't help more than that...good luck!! ;)
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  3. Karl&Miles

    Karl&Miles Guest

    It's not just only the change in qualification recognition now, Last month they made it that you now have to have an international Criminal check done (even though you will have an extensive CRB done for emigrating). This has to be completed before you apply to AHPRA for registration. If you have Dip HE in nursing you can apply and register as an enrolled nurse - and top up to degree over there whilst working part time (this is my plan). Just thought I would mention this as I wouldn't want you to get caught out.

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