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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Gorgeous Georgia, May 15, 2010.

  1. Hello,
    My name is Georgia and I moved to Queensland last month from Adelaide, but I moved to Australia from Scotland when I was 6.
    I have no friends in Queensland yet and I am really missing my old friends from Adelaide. I was just wondering if there is and any 11 - 13 year old girls (or boys) that would get along with a 12 year old girl (but acts older and younger at times) that would like to be friends.
    Thanks alot.
    From Georgia. Xx

  2. Rudi

    Rudi Relocation Brisbane

    Hey Honey

    Sorry we didn't make it out with you guys today - I didn't get the text until too late cos my phone was out of charge. My girl (who you met) would love to be friends with I will arrange something with your mum.

    You will make some fabulous friends soon. G was the same as you when we moved up from NSW. She went into year 7 at almost the same time of year as you have 2 years ago and now she is SO happy in school.

    Take care


  3. Hello,
    That is fine, it wasn't very good anyway.
    That would be fantastic if you could arrange something, I was in tears the other night because I am so lonely and I want to go back home to Adelaide.
    I'm sure I will be fine after I find some friends. I will settle soon.

    Love, Georgia. Xx
  4. Rudi

    Rudi Relocation Brisbane

    AWW Honey, it can be so hard when you first move. I know that G was talking to Maddi at training the other day and Maddi was saying how lovely you are. I will talk to your mum about getting together.


  5. ozzy girl 1

    ozzy girl 1 Guest

    Hi Georgia,
    My name is Molly and I'm 10 years old, is that ok?? We are hoping to move to Sunshine Coast (in Queensland).
    How are you getting on at school? Have you seen any of those big spiders in Australia yet??

    By the way, when you moved to Australia, Did you have any worries?? Or do you still have worrys now??
    Hope to speak to you soon!

    Love from Molly xxx :)
  6. Hey Molly,
    Being 10 and moving to Australia will be hard for you, but I will tell you that everybody over here is so nice and you will find friends very quickly. You will be very lucky to move to the Sunshine Coast, you will be surrounded by the most beautiful beaches and will be close to Australia Zoo.
    The big hairy spiders are called "Huntsman" they are massive and scary, but will not and could not kill you, they could decide to taste you though. The snakes and spiders here do not worry me anymore because it is rare they will hurt unless they think you will hurt them. Australia is not just our home but the natures aswell.
    I was only 6 when I moved over to Australia so I didn't really understand it all. You should have worries but you will find that those worries were just silly little things like finding new friends, which is extreamly easy because Australians tend to like the Brittish accent.
    Well I know I write really long messages and I am sorry about that. Keep in touch...
    From Georgia. Xx
  7. ozzy girl 1

    ozzy girl 1 Guest

    Hi Georgia,
    I know about Australia zoo, when we went on holiday there we went to Steve Urwin Zoo and it is BRILLIANT!!!!
    Do you have msn cause then we could talk.I'll pm you my email address.
    When you first moved out to Australia, was it hard to settle down and make friends??

    Speak to you soon,
    Lots of love from Molly xxx :)
  8. Hi again,
    I have been speaking to Jodie aswell as you and realised Jodie is your sister. Except i have been using my families account instead of mine.
    Well it is good that you guys came for a holiday, when we moved over here we hadnt ever been to Australia so it was a bit nerve racking...
    I just got msn set up please Pm me for address
    We can email aswell...
    Well i shall talk to you soon...
    Love Georgia. Xx
    Last edited by a moderator: May 22, 2010
  9. srp

    srp No longer active member

    Email Addres's

    Hi Gorgeous Georgia,

    Sorry Georgia, I have removed your email address from your posting, this is to stop it being abused by others and for your own security. Sites like this can be attacked by email harvesters that gather email addres's and target the owner.

    I have added a request for friends to PM you for your MSN addy :biggrin:.

    Hope this is OK with you :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  10. ozzy girl 1

    ozzy girl 1 Guest

    Hi Georgia,
    I'll PM you my email address and then you can email me and add me on msn.
    Best wishes from Molly xx :)

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