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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by shella_n, Aug 21, 2010.

  1. shella_n

    shella_n Guest


    We are currently in Adelaide. As soon as we got here we knew if wasnt for us (but we had to stay cause of our visa). It is just not offering us the life we wanted and hoped for and I get cold sweats when I think of my kids growing up here.

    Anyway, we are thiking about breaking our lease and heading up to Qld. Has anyone done that and have you found its better for you than SA? Also what kind of removal cost would I be looking at?

    Would love to hear anyones experiences and advice.

    Many thanks and hopefully speak to some of you soon.

  2. Sue & Rob

    Sue & Rob Guest

    We also in Adelaide & we thinking of moving up to Brisse in Jan / Feb next year. We been in Adelaide since Feb 2009 but just don't think it has been for us so we also planning the "big move" even though we moved 12000 miles from home.
    Think we are going brisbane bound my partner Rob is a mental health nurse so fingers crossed he will find work when we get up there. We will be packing up with a trailer & selling off what we can't fit (or squeeze in).

    Life been good here but think we wanna move on....

  3. srp

    srp No longer active member

    Hi Sheila,

    Welcome to BIB, I cannot comment on moving interstate as i landed in QLD and stayed here. I have lived on Bribie Island and loved it over there, now i live in a more rural setting and love it here as well. What part of QLD were you thinking of moving to? We have a few members who have moved interstate to QLD as to the best of my knowledge they have settled and enjoy thye life here. :biggrin:
  4. Cymru

    Cymru New Member

    Yes, we moved up to Brissy from Adelaide - it wasnt an easy move, it really is starting all over again. many times we thought about moving back to adelaide but thankfully after 2 years in brissy, i can say the move has been very good for us. It cost us $10k, that was 2 20 ft containers and 2 cars.

    if you want to know anything - please pm me

    good luck with your plans x
  5. juani

    juani Guest

    Hi there - I moved to Brisbane from Adelaide in April - its been a tricky move because as the poster above says it really is like starting again. PM me if you want to know any of the practicalities involved in moving.
  6. Were hoping to move over to QLD in the next few months from Adelaide. We have got prices from moving companies, car transporter and also pet transporters as were going to drive over with 2 cars but transport 2 over.

    For 20ft container,2 cars 2 cats and 2 dogs all in will cost around $8000. I have phoned around loads of companies and i found Grace removals to be the cheapest.
  7. Kelly Clan

    Kelly Clan New Member

    We moved over from Adelaide in April this year, having spent almost 6yrs there. We've found it a lot harder moving here than we ever did on the move from UK to Adelaide. We have been agonising about staying or moving back to SA. We'll give it till the end of the year and then decide one way or another.
  8. We've been in Adelaide 2 years now but we're not sure whether its the right place for us. Seems to be a simular feeling judging from the replies. We are looking into moving to the sunshine coast and are coming up for a reccie early November.
    Any suggestions of areas or nice places that we should see while we're there would be most appreciated.

  9. moomin1

    moomin1 Guest

    We moved from SA in March and I can honestly say it's the best move we have made, we love it here, as the other posters have said initially it is like starting all over again, but there's so many Brits up here everyone is willing to offer help and advice.

    We're now moving closer to Brisbane for work and school reasons but love the Gold Coast and are sad to leave.

    We're breaking our lease on our 4 bed house if you're coming up anytime soon:biggrin:

    Message me if you want any info re the move up here.

  10. Kelly Clan

    Kelly Clan New Member

    In fairness i think we've just rented in the wrong area here. It's a beautiful area but quite quiet and out of the way. We're really not met any other Brits either, which has a lot to do with us being unsettled.
  11. taffy

    taffy Guest

    Hello all

    I am new to this forum. I moved to adelaide with my husband and kids at the end of July and since we landed here it does not feel right. We origionally wanted brisbane but was blined by a good job offer. Now I have a interview with the RAH next week.
    Our container has not arrived from the u.k yet and I already have quotes to move straight up to brisbane.
    Might be asking questions about good suburbs to live within travelling distance to RAH and schools if I am successful.
  12. MindariePoms

    MindariePoms New Member

    Re moving your pets - we are moving Perth to Brissie next weekend and taking our cat on the plane with us (in the hold that is) at a cost of about $55-$75 - far cheaper than the $550 quoted by shippers. Good luck!
  13. DonnaT

    DonnaT Guest

    I know this thread was a while ago and really wanted to see how life was treating those of you who had made the change from Adelaide to Brisbane?

    We have been living in Adelaide for almost 4 years and have built a good life, the kids (aged 9 and 6) are happy, I have a good job but Hubby is keen to make the move to Queensland. Whilst not chomping at the bit to leave Adelaide, I would definitely make the move if it would make him happier.

    I do worry about starting again, and would be keen to hear your stories, where have you found good to live (I can't believe I am asking this again but for a different State!!)

    Let me know how you are finding things

    Many thanks

    Donna x

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