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  1. Have recently moved to Brisbane with my partner and don't know anyone - i'm 29 and would love to hear from anyone who would be interested to meet up for a coffee or a drink:smile:.

  2. Jacq

    Jacq New Member


    Hi, welcome to Brisbane. I live near the cbd and would love to meet up. I've been here for about 18 months and still settling in a bit. I love Bris, and have just applied for residency here, all a bit stressful.
  3. Hi

    Hi, thanks for your reply - its good to know that there are others out there. I am in the process of applying for a defacto visa at the moment - there is so much paperwork to get together! Think we are just about there though so fingers crossed. We are living in Coorparoo so just outside the city but it is easy for me to come in. Do you work full time during the week?
  4. Don QuayPoly

    Don QuayPoly New Member

    Hi Caroline, welcome to Brisbane.... and welcome to Coorparoo ! Its my home too, been here here nearly 18 months now. I also went down the de facto visa route, but in the end I found a company to sponser me, (was a lot easier) I know what you're going through though, so much paper work ! I'm now permanent, and it feels goooooooood !
    Anyway, I live with my ozzie maiden, and although we're not exactly in your age group (46-50), I just wanted to say hi and offer any help you may need from a fellow pomme just up the road.

    regards Don
  5. Heathercam

    Heathercam Guest

    I am in the process of waiting for my 457 visa with defacto partner and should be moving out to Brisbane around end of September. Planning to live near the Mater hospital and will get in touch when I get the visa and arrange to meet up with some of you lovely people if that is ok?
    Heather x
  6. Hi

    Hi Don and Heather,
    Thanks for your messages - I feel better already just knowing there are fellows Brits around.
    Don - I am sure I will think of some Coorparoo related questions for you soon!
    Heather - definitely let me know when you arrive and we can meet up - you will get here in time for the nice hot weather!
    C. x
  7. Jacq

    Jacq New Member

    Hi Caroline,
    I'm a nurse working in Spring Hill so do alot of shifts, could meet up during the day next week if thats convenient for you. Let me know if there's anything i can do to help you settle in. I know what it's like to arrive here not knowing anyone, i'm sure you will find everyone very friendly and helpful.
  8. Hi Jacq,
    It would be great to meet up next week if you're free - I could do Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday days. I have to start work at 4pm on Tuesday and Wednesday but could meet up at lunchtime maybe. We could meet in the city or at Southbank or something. Let me know if you're free and we can arrange something.
    C. x
  9. Jacq

    Jacq New Member

    Hi Caroline,
    I'm free tomorrow, Monday, then working. Off to Hervey Bay at weekend :) I love it up there, very relaxed and friendly, hoping to go whale watching.
    Let me know if you can still do tomorrow.
  10. Hey, yep I can do Monday afternoon. What time is good for you? Maybe 2pm? That's so strange - i was just researching a weekend away in Hervey Bay to go whale watching! You will have to tell me about it. My number is 0413 364 447 - might be easier to arrange via phone rather than email. Send me a text if you can still do Monday.
  11. plinkabob

    plinkabob Guest

    More brits in Coorparoo!!

    Hey, I just moved here (Coorparoo) a month ago with my boyfriend who is from Cleveland. I have found it so difficult to make friends as I don't have a job or a car or very much money. We are also going to go for the defacto Visa at some point and would love to meet other couples who have gone through it already. If any of you guys do end up going out for some drinks then let me know because I could really do with making some friends of my own!!

    Feel free to email me at any time. I have nothing to do all day but study :eek:(


  12. Jacq

    Jacq New Member

    Hi Helene,
    I'm planning to meet up with Caroline when i get back from Hervey Bay, would be great if you could join us,my no is 0421637125.
  13. plinkabob

    plinkabob Guest

    Oh lovely. That would be great. When are you back from your break?
  14. Jacq

    Jacq New Member

    Blimey that was quick, u must be online too. I get back on 27th in the evening, working a late shift on 28th, could meet after work on the 29th. I'll give Caroline a call. Would probably be easier to meet in town, perhaps queen st. I reackon the older u get the harder it is to make new friends. It was always something i had taken for granted in the uk, cos my friends were always there. Here u have to make a conscious effort to get out and meet people.
  15. plinkabob

    plinkabob Guest

    Yeah I know. I used to be so good at going out and meeting people but now that I don't drink I don't have the old "Dutch Courage" to help me out! I'm free any time other than Thursday nights as far as I know. I'm pretty sure I know how to get to Queen Street from here too!
  16. Jacq

    Jacq New Member

    Well 29th isa wednesday, so shall we block it on our calenders.
    I'll bring some info on whalewatchin too
  17. Hi Helene,
    Don't worry, i am here too and in exactly the same position:). I got a text from Jacq last night saying we were all going to meet up on Wed 29th - can you make that? Otherwise I live just off Old Cleveland Road in Cooparoo, near the McDonalds. Whereabouts are you? We could meet up for coffee or something. My number is 0413 364 447. Send me a text or give me a call and we can arrange.
    C. x
  18. plinkabob

    plinkabob Guest

    We live SO close to one another!

    I've just texted you so you have my number now :eek:) I'd definitely be up for Weds if I still haven't managed to get a job by then
  19. Funtime friends

    Hi Caroline, hope you have met a good few people by now but maybe still keen to meet more?

    Me and my hubby have lived in Brissy for about two and a half years. We used to live in Coopooroo when we first moved here for about 5 months. We now live in Wynnum West about another 15 mins down the cleveland line. We have a good group of friends over here (most expats but also a few ozzies) and we're all mainly in our early 30's always up for a good time.

    Drop me a line if you are still on the look out for some brit mates.

    Take it easy, Heather :rolleyes:
  20. mazwood

    mazwood Guest

    Hey, am new to this sight and looking to meet some new friends in Brissie. Have been here two years from the UK, living with my Aussie boyfriend who meet in the UK and now living here. Have small group of friends through work or through boyfriends old school friends, but looking to meet others. Am late 20's, the latter part of 20's!!, living in the south of Brissie, am into fitness, movies, reading, having a few drinks and travel...

    Would be great to meet for coffee and chat. Marie

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