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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by shella_n, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. shella_n

    shella_n Guest


    Weve been living in Adelaide for just over 2 years. We've tried living in the north & the south and we are now thinking of moving to Qld (my poor kids - another new school :-(

    Weve both got good jobs here so we wouldn't go until at least one of us secures a good job. I Will be looking for work at the universities so need to be able to access GC and CBD potentially.

    Im liking the look of Helensvale, North Lakes & pacific pines & Redland Bay at the moment. we won't. Have the luxury of trying several suburbs so we need t try and get it right first time ( mostly worried about the kids & new schools - my daughter will be going into year 3 & it will be her 4th primary school!)

    Nothing against Adelaide but we think we might have better prospects in Qld, houses prices are now similar to Sa & there appears to be a lot more to do .... Plus of course the climate

    Anyway we would love to her from anyone who has made the move from Sa to see how it worked out for you ( or anyone who is thinking about making the move).


  2. lap70

    lap70 New Member

    Hi - we made the unfortunate mistake of moving from Brisbane to Adelaide to stay with my family who had moved to Happy Valley, only to return 3 months later by bus (still feeling travel sick thinking about it) and never been so glad to feel humidity again. The weather is too much like Melbourne and there seemed to be no real prospect of getting a job anytime soon so we went back and managed to get jobs in Brisbane again.
  3. shella_n

    shella_n Guest

    Just an update to my post... We have 100% decided that we are going to make the move and have even started packing. Not 100% sure when we are coming yet but will be there by end of January.
    Done more research on suburbs and I am particularly keen on Mudgeebara & Varsity Lakes but will also check out Helensvale - would love to hear anyone's thoughts on these areas.
    My daughter has mild autism and its very important that I get the right school for her ( she will be going into year 1). If anyone has experience of schools in the above suburbs & special needs I'd be grateful to hear your thoughts.
    Also if anyone has recommendations on the cheapest way to move all our stuff.
  4. Kacymru

    Kacymru New Member

    My partner and I moved to Queensland from Adelaide in March of this year ....Queensland is OK but we both miss Adelaide (I suppose it comes down to personal choice at the end of the day).
    My personal opinion is that whilst Adelaide may be "quiet", it's a clean, family friendly place and it's definitely somewhere we'll return to when we settle down and have kids in a couple of years.

    So far I've found that Queensland has a lot more midges/ mosquitoes! However, there seems to be more opportunities to find work here. :)

    Good luck with your move!

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