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Discussion in 'Socialising & Get Togethers' started by themerlin, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. themerlin

    themerlin Guest

    Always nice to meetup with other folk with small kids :smile:

  2. Adam&Claire

    Adam&Claire Guest

    northside meet up - with little ones?

    hi there,
    we're new to Brisbane & have just moved into Alderley so not too far from you & have a little boy who is 14 months old.

    Missing the mums & dads groups we went to in London so definitely keen to meet up with you...and anyone else in our neck of the woods? Afraid the sunshine coast a bit too far to go for a coffee! :wink:

  3. themerlin

    themerlin Guest

    Hi Claire,

    We have 3 little ones 3,2 and 7 months and we have been living in this area for a while now (7 years ish).

    Yes we are much closer then the sunshine or gold coast :)

    So when did you lot get here?

  4. Adam&Claire

    Adam&Claire Guest

    We arrived late last year but only really settled in since Christmas, before that we were househunting up here & spending a bit of time in Sydney with family. Still trying to get our boxes from the UK delivered though - luckily we didn't ship furniture over or we'd really be struggling!

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