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Discussion in 'Travel & What's on' started by paulocon, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. paulocon

    paulocon Guest

    Hi all, just wondered if anyone out there could shed some light on areas to relocate to in Hervey Bay etc. Coming over for a reccie in about 5 weeks time to have a look round - but any pre-advice would be gratefully appreciated.

    I have seen some nice properties on at Toogoom and River Heads.....what are they like??


  2. tetleybitter

    tetleybitter New Member

    Hi Paul,

    I don't live in Hervey Bay, but have been there on holidays a few times and know some people that do live there. I was considering moving there myself.

    It's a lovely place. Quite small, but has everything you need. Approx 4 hours north of Brisbane, and a short boat ride over to Fraser Island. It has a University, and some great schools.

    Toogoom is a nice beachy area, but not very close to the centre of town. One thing to watch out for are the bugs and midgies that bite..they aren't nice, but they aren't everywhere.

    Hervey Bay is booming, and is a big tourist destination because of Whale Watching etc. Friendly and still small but certainly not lacking. Lots for the kids to do, and adults too, and great beach lifestyle.

  3. Cad

    Cad Guest

    Is the job situation as bad as I am hearing? This is one of the areas we are considering due to affordability, but if we can't get jobs then there's no point.

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