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Discussion in 'Brisbane & South East QLD' started by jollyswagman, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. jollyswagman

    jollyswagman Guest

    My partner and myself are moving from Melbourne to the Noosa area at the end of Jan 2014 and was hoping to make contact prior with anyone who could possibly help out regards local info,renting,mobile phone coverage,employment prospects etc....
    My partner is a newly qualified accountant looking for Book Keeping work and a foot in the door with tax accounting. I am a bricklayer/builder with all my own equipment. We have two small dogs and are looking for accommodation in the Noosa Heads/Sunshine Beach area but accept that we may have to settle for further a field. Any help or information regarding the above, will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Swagman

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Im not up that way sorry, but good luck with the move, it sure is a lovely area your going to.

    Cal x
  3. I have been up there on holiday - beautiful place, can't say I remember the mobile phone coverage being any different from Brisbane. Obviously the standard searches will work up there. You should be able to find pet friendly accommodation through that assuming you are looking for a rental property to start with. There is always land being released from people like stockland up there so would imagine there is a fair bit of building still going on.

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