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  1. Hi! we just arrived 2 weeks ago, that is my partner and 3 children,13,11 and 6.They all go to Mountain Creek and love it.We live in Mooloolaba.So I was wondering if anyone has time and would like to meet up for coffee ?
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  2. Anouska

    Anouska New Member

    Hi "glad to be here"

    We are a family of 4, two children daughter 13, son 11.

    We are coming over to mooloolaba march/April for 3 weeks, we are looking at mountain creek school and houses in the area.

    We would love to meet up while we are over and would be interested in your journey so far!

    "judyq" is also moving over near you in April and I'm sure she will also be up for a meet.

    Let me know if you fancy a cuppa.


    Anouska :)
  3. Hi!
    Sounds good! Let me know when you get over and we can catch up then, although I'm sure the 3 weeks will go in so fast !!!!!!Anything you want to know in the meantime give me a shout and I'll try and help you all I can.
  4. Anouska

    Anouska New Member

    Hi Sharon,

    Thank you :)

    I will keep in touch, do you have boys, girls, both? Glad that they are enjoying school that can be such a worry.

    Any updates be sure to post :)

    Talk soon

    Anouska x
  5. Vickyw1

    Vickyw1 Guest

    Hi girls, not sure if I'm posting this in the right place or not (whats the difference between a quick reply and an advanced one?!) but we have just moved to kawana waters with our 2 daughters, 11 and 2 and our 9 year old son. I'd be keen to catch up for a coffee (or wine!) if you fancy it? We moved to Sydney from the uk in '98 but have only been up here for 5 weeks. Vicky.x
  6. Hi!
    We have 2 boys and a girl Anouska.
    Vicky, Wine sounds better but I better stick to the coffee. I can do next Thursday if you want? Anyone else want to come???
  7. judyq

    judyq New Member


    Hi to all and thanks for posting glad and thanks for mentioning me Anouska. myself ,oh ann-marie and our three children will be out injust over seven weeks now..... will definately be up for a meet! we will be staying in Maroochydore first but ann-marie has applied fora job in kawana waters so fingers are crossed ! How is the rain ? looks dreadful with the flooding !
  8. Anouska

    Anouska New Member

    Hi Sharon,

    We are here and it's been a very trying few days, we've not had a great start at all :(

    If you are free for a coffee at some point let me know would be good for a chat :)

    Hope all is going well for you and your family.

    Talk soon, Anouska xx
  9. judyq

    judyq New Member

    Hi Anouska, so sorry to hear you have not had a great start? Is it the rain, seems to have been raining for months there. I really hope it improves and you reccie gets better, we spend so much time, money and stress on them don't we.keep in touch, weleave here in two weeks now so all very difficult.
  10. Anouska

    Anouska New Member

    Hi judy,

    No it's not the rain weather is good :)

    Have had a bad start due to a car rental company freezing my bank account!!!!!! No money for two days it was hell trying to sort it out :(

    We are divided on our votes for OZ/UK at mo.

    I can imagine how you all must be feeling right now it's really tough - feel for you.

    Hope all goes well for you in a couple of weeks.

    Take care will be thinking of you all.

    Anouska xx
  11. judyq

    judyq New Member

    oh no sounds dreadful, how did they do that! I hope you are managing to see the sights and enjoy it, a reccie is so hard, feels like a lot of pressure to make a decision and yet it's not real life anyway! Keep in touch, what is Mooloolaba like?
  12. crystal64

    crystal64 New Member


    We arrive Mooloolaba in early June, we have a 10yr (11yr this month) daughter, so a meet up for coffee, would be good once arrived.

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