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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Emms, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. Emms

    Emms New Member

    Hi there

    We have been thinking about emigrating for a while now. I am sick of the miserable English weather for one thing. My original plan was to go to Florida as this is a place we have visited several times and loved but our thoughts have now turned to Australia. I felt this would be a much safer place (too many guns in America!) although this is pure speculation on my part. Also easier to find work, I hope! The thing is we have never been to Australia so this is all guess work! Our plan would be to go for a year and then if we like it to stay, does this all seem a bit mad?!

    I have been doing a bit of research and Queensland certainly seems to look gorgeous (and great weather!). We are very family orientated. We have three children aged 13, 11 and 4 and would love a safe and happy place to bring them up where we can enjoy time as a family. Schools are obviously important, the two oldest have worked hard to get into Grammar. Are there any selective schools around Brisbane?

    I know, lot's of questions! I really just want to know whether you would recommend this lifetime adventure? And any down sides!

    By the way my husband is a doctor and I'm a nurse so am I right in thinking that getting a visa shouldn't be too much of a problem?

    Thanks in advance for any help.


  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi Emma
    Welcome to BIB, i agree that you or your partner should qualify for a visa without much hassle.
    We have been here just over 3 years now and personally i think its a much better lifestyle for both us and the kids.

    There are some good schools dotted around Brisbane so depending on where you settled im sure you would find one or two.

    Good Luck with your adventure
    Cal x
  3. srp

    srp No longer active member

    Welcome to BIB, as cal said you would have no problem with Visa. I do not have children so I cannot comment on schools, but there will be plenty of advice on here about schools once you decide what areas you are interested in moving to. As a Doctor and Nurse you would find work here in practically any of the areas around Brisbane or anywhere in Queensland.

    I think you have the best possible problem to solve, and that is where to live. Now you have to decide do you want, 'sea', magnificent views, urban or rural living. One thing I would suggest is that when you get here don’t be in a rush to buy property, rent for 6 months first to decide if the area you choose is what you really want.

    I have been here for 8 months and have no regrets at all. If I had young children I could not think of a better place to raise them. There is crime here the same as any "civilised" country produces, but I have never felt as safe as I do here. I can walk past a group of kids at night and I do not feel threatened or intimidated.

    I wish I had moved here years ago, when my kids were younger:biggrin:
  4. kimico

    kimico Guest

    Hi Emms,

    I am also researching a move to Qld even though I have never visited Oz. I'm glad its not just me, so no I dont think you are mad. You need to try it at least, you only live once and have got to make the most of it, especially for your kids.

    I am a single parent with 2 boys aged 13 and 11, my eldest is really nervous about the move and I have told him to just try it for a year and if he doesnt like it we can come home. Im sure he will be fine.

    I am also a nurse and attended an expo a couple of weeks ago, I was reassured that I would have no problem getting a visa or work as they are desperate for doctors and nurses out there.

  5. srp

    srp No longer active member

    Hi Kimico.

    Welcome to BIB,

    I think your boys will soon settle here, we have a lot of people worry about the children when they move over here and the vast majority seem to settle well. Its amazing what a bit of sun and beaches can do to young lads.

    Please feel free to ask any questions and we will do our best to answer them for you.

    Good luck with your application:biggrin:
  6. Emms

    Emms New Member

    Hi Kim

    The more I research the move the more I want to go! Everyone that I speak to about spending a year in Australia, who knows the country, says that we won't want to come back! I think like you that we've got nothing to loose by giving it a try and what an amazing experience for the kids. The kids are bound to be a bit apprehensive at first, I know I keep having pangs of anxiety myself every now and then! Having said that mine would be on the plane tomorrow if they had their way! It is hard for them to think about leaving behind family and friends but just remind your 13 year old how popular he'll be with the girls out their with his English accent LOL!!

    Keep in touch and let me know how your plans are going.

    Emma x
  7. Rudi

    Rudi Relocation Brisbane

    Hi Emma

    We have lived in Australia for 6.5 years now and absolutely love it. We love the area with live in and the lifestyle we have. The school that my girls are at is excellent, although it is fee paying. If you are looking for a fee paying school, that should be a big priority for you early on, as the better ones will usually have waiting lists.

    What sort of area are you looking for? Rural? Suburban? Inland? Near the water?

    Keep us posted on your progress. As others have said, getting a visa should not be an issue for you.


  8. Emms

    Emms New Member

    School Places

    Hi Rudi

    I think that we've decided that the Bayside area is going to be our first choice (depending on jobs).

    My latest and biggest stress are schools for the children. I have been reading lots of books and comments on forums about how the best schools have long waiting lists (as you mentioned) and I'm now really worried that the kids will end up either having to be split up or at a school that isn't very good. I really like the look of Ormiston College but I expect it will be impossible to get places for three kids there? I can't really start making any applications yet because I don't know if there will be a job available in that area yet and am I right in thinking that you have to pay when you make an application?

    I don't want to move the kids to the other side of the world from the excellent schools they are currently in to a bad education or somewhere they will be unhappy! Help!!

  9. Rudi

    Rudi Relocation Brisbane

    Hi Emma

    Ormiston College is a fabulous three girls are there and absolutely love it. Yes in theory you do need to pay a deposit when you put in an application, but talk to Peta, the registrar, explain your situation and say that you are 99% sure of being there, but are worried about losing your deposit if you end up somewhere else. Ask her if she will allow you to pay the deposit at a later date when you know for certain where you will be. She is so lovely, and she is usually very accommodating.

    Once you have one child in, your other children jump to the top of the waiting if that happens, keep calling and asking!!! It's not too bad with having them at different schools - there are other schools close by and Ormiston starts earlier and ends later, so pick up and drop off is not a problem. Kids move schools here a lot, so I would not worry about them starting somewhere, and then moving them.

    If you want any advice about this area or Ormiston College, please shout. We love living around here.


  10. Emms

    Emms New Member

    Thank you so much for you help and reassurance Rudi, it really helps. I'm sure I'll be asking you loads more questions!!


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