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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by kevdutch, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. kevdutch

    kevdutch New Member

    Does anyone have any info on what the skills test is like for carpenters????

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hiya have a look on other site a few guys on there have done the carpentry test.
    Good Luck
    Cal x
  3. Sarah

    Sarah Guest


    Mu hubby did the skills test in April 2008. He had to travel to Accrington in Liverpool for the skill test day which started at 7:30am. He told me to advise you that it is a hard day! Some of the things he had to do were:
    A saw horse
    On a sheet of ply - construct a pitch roof, one end with gable and the other a hip with jacks.
    Rip a swn piece of timber in 1/2 with a circular saw then plain 2 sides rough sawn timber, square.
    Sharpen and grind a chisel
    Set out partitioning
    He said he had over 100 questions fired at him throughout the day, including questions about other building trades. Photos were also taken of his work.

    Hope this helps, if you need any more info let me know and i'll ask hubby!!

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