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  1. Hi any Scottish here in Brissy? :confused: Only good,fun, normal people weve found so far are Jules and Bazza (welsh) Vikki and Steve (english) Vicky & Steve (ozzies) so looking for some scottish or irish to complete the set. Miss the scottish accent so much, we would love to meet with some fellow scots (just so we can talk normally without someone looking at us blankly and saying "what")

    Originally from Fife, Scotland we have been here for nearly two months and love the country just missing family and friends from home. Difficult to make new friends here as they either have different interests or are happy with their own friends and aren't looking to make new ones!!!

    We have two kids Euan 10 (11 on thursday) and Ellie 6. We live in Daisy Hill, near springwood but looking to move in March somewhere more permenent- not sure where hopefully near the coast up north. We are normal, well i think so (apart from recently stalking shopping centres seeking out scottish accents!) and love a gid laugh and a wee bevy.

    So any Scots in the area, gies a call as we would love to hear that bonny accent. Please no Celine Dion fans to reply!:tongue:
    Jodie and Steven

  2. Bazza&Jules

    Bazza&Jules New Member

    sheeeeeiiiite site no bugger answers the call!! dint with me either jode, we must smell!! can you smell on the lappy???? haha or they are all squares!! xx
  3. God only knows!!!

    Hi Jules, looks like its going to be lonely this christmas, lonely and cold!!! Just us party animals here to celebrate xmas and more importantly New Year! Bloody hell, you'd think some celts would be up for a laugh! Obviously none of the fun ones have moved to Oz or they are all Celine Dion fans in that case were better off just our wee possee!!

    Well honey well make up for it, just have to continue stalking the shopping malls in the mean time!!!!:rofl:
  4. bigbear

    bigbear Guest

    I happen to think that Celine Dion is one of the most gifted artists of our time!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah Righttttttttttttt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I"m Rob, thats Kim on our avatar, we live 25 k north of Brissie, in what the locals call little england!
    I'm originally from Dundee, is Springwater south of the Brisvegas??
    Missus is working nights from Xmas Day for 4 days, so we are free at New Years! we were just talking baout that yesterday, wether Aussies go first footing????

    Hope your enjoying Oz, it will be 3 month on Xmas day we've been here!

  5. JKESA

    JKESA Guest

    Hi Guys

    Karen and I (jason) live on the bayside, manly area. I am from glasgow whereas Karen is Aussie.

    We have 2 kids, Emma 2 years old and Sophie who is 8 months.

    Sorry to here you cant find any more of us out here!
  6. Hi there, came across your ad in my FIRST visit to the forum. We are here on holiday, with a view to going home and starting the process of migration. Visited Daisy Hill last night looking at the sister here lives in Slacks Creek. Plenty of Scots voices to be heard in Logan Central, and in the pubs in the city LOL. Was your house in Daisy Hill expensive to rent ? Any advice welcome. Linda
  7. Hi Jodie and Steven

    Merry Christmas to you all,
    Just read your message and although we are not in Brisbane yet, we have our visas and are planning to be there for April, all going well!
    We are living in Abington (south Lanarkshire) and its great to hear from fellow Scots already out there.
    You were saying you've been in Brisbane for 2 months, if you give it time I'm sure you'll come across many more Scottish, I know so many who've emigrated out there, so I'm surprised there's anyone left here.
    When I say we are going to be in Brisbane for April, we HAVE to be there as we received our visas 2 weeks ago, the same day I found out I was 12 weeks pregnant - no pressure eh!!
    Anyway it would be great to hear from you.
    P.s. we are not Celine Dion fans, would Kings of Leon pass??:laugh:
  8. Thinkright

    Thinkright Guest

    Hi Jodie and Steven!

    Just joined Brits in Brisbane - been here about 11 years but it feels more like 11 months time has gone by so fast.

    In your search for a Scot you've found me - and I know heaps of Scots here! I would love to catch up with you - we seem to attract ex-pats like flies (my hubby John and I that is!).

    I see you are originally from Dunfermline - my wee sister lives in Dalgety Bay - sadly she won't visit me here as she is scared of spiders. She gets bigger ones in Dalgety Bay but there is no convincing her to come down under.

    If you want to give me a call for a blether any time feel free 0421 003403. Sadly, I am a Celine fan but only play her music in the privacy of my own home...

    BTW John and I live in Wellington Point.

    Looking forward to hearing from you both :)

  9. Sorry ive not been on!!

    Hi everyone, im really sorry but i haven't been on for ages because i forgot my password! I tried to get the website to send a reminder but it wouldn't do it, it didn't send me any notice that i had replies to my thread neither. Eventually after trying 28 times ive managed to get back in!!:confused:

    Anyway, thanks to everyone for replying to my Desperate plea to scottish folk to get in touch and i will write to everyone over the next few days!

    Its great to hear from other scots down under, and those intending to come. We are settling in much better, but still missing my family back home.

    We should organise a wee scottish party, pity i hadn't come on before Rabbie Burns night cos we could of done it then. And by the way, ive found a fab wee scottish butchers who sells square sausage, haggis and other scottish treats.

    Speak to you all soon, Jodie and Steven
  10. Hello fellow Scotsmen and wimmen

    We're also just new to Brisbane living on the north shore ( well moving to Keperra end of Feb)

    we're both 31 and have a 16mth baby are are looking forward to making new friends

  11. lulu2001

    lulu2001 Guest

    Hi Guys,

    Just arrived this week into the North Lakes area. Been in Tasmania for a year, but soooo bored we moved here for a bit of life. Married to Doug. I'm 38 he's heading for something with a zero on the end. 2 girls 8 & 10. originally from little place called East Calder, just ootside the toon of Edinburgh. Have made friends with a couple from Dalgety Bay.

    Love to here from you, and organise a meet up!
  12. Bazza&Jules

    Bazza&Jules New Member

    hi there lulu

    Im Jodies mate, my only mate The welsh 1)!! We live in strathpine not far from you. Not working at the mo, im also 38 got 2 girls 5 & 11. If you wanna meet up let mew know, available anytime for a chat. I know how boring it can be let me tell you, I' at the top of bored now!!
    take care
    Jules x
  13. lulu2001

    lulu2001 Guest

    Hi Jules...

    I'd love to meet up and have a blether, once I get the kids sorted with schools next week, I'll give you a shout and we could meet for a coffee at North Lakes Westfield if that suits. Happy wee bunny tonight as we secured a rental today!!! Yipeeee
  14. Bazza&Jules

    Bazza&Jules New Member

    yeh sounds good to me, when ur ready let me know, shame jodie cant make it, as she started work this wk, but i will kick her up the arse to get up here 1 day!!
    cheers for now
    jules x
  15. scotzoz

    scotzoz New Member


    Hi , were another 2 scots, just moved up from Melb and dont have any pals here..
    Im Angela, from Carluke and my partner Paul's originally from Glasgow..
    Weve been over here 5 years and decided to move to the warmer climate!!! we have 2 kids, our son is 3 1/2 and daughter 8 months..
    Were living in Victoria Point and would love to meet some kindred spirits for a few glasses at the weekends.
  16. We are Sandy from Lossiemouth and Donna from Musselburgh and Morgan (born in NI). We are in the process of applying (state sponsorship pending) so hopefully some time early next year. Maybe catch up with you all then

  17. the dougans

    the dougans Guest

    we are donna and craig 29 yrs and 30yrs 2 kids 9 and 3yrs. we are from helensburgh in scotland and hope to be in brissie by nov this year
  18. scotzoz

    scotzoz New Member

    Hi, Im Angela.. originally from Carluke, here with my partner Paul and our 2 aussie kids now 3 1/2 and 8 months. weve just moved up from Melbourne and are loving it.. hope to see you in Nov
  19. the dougans

    the dougans Guest

    ah great where abouts are you?
  20. scotzoz

    scotzoz New Member

    Hi, were in Victoria Point, it's like 30-40 minns from Brizzi city, same to gold coast and really nice. were just settling in and Ive heard that another family that have just arrived from England have rented in our street too, hopefully meet them this week.

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