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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by 2adults2cheekykids, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. Hi, we are new to this site, we are at the beginning of the visa process and are taking out the 176 SS Visa, we are urgently after any information on suburbs in or around the sunshine coast area, we have 2 young boys so after a good school and pre school. I am a nurse so ideally no more than 30-40 mins from a hospital, also we are after something affordable to live in with 3 bedrooms. We will have a substantial amount for a deposit but was wondering if anyone would have an idea on mortgate rates?, not asking much are we ha ha!! :biggrin:

    Hayley and Nige

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Have you had a look around Redcliffe? not quite the sunny coast but still has the coastal feel and there are hospitals nearby.
    Another area up there popular with new migrants is Caloundra or Pelican Waters. Not sure which the nearest hospital would be for there though.

    Hope this help a little
    Cal x

  3. Hi, many thanks for reply, we have looked at Redcliffe, its one on our hotspot list lol, will check out the other areas,

    hayley x
  4. Kelly & Mike

    Kelly & Mike Guest

    Hi we went to Caloundra in August to validate our visa's we were origionally going to Adelaide but after our experience in Brisbane its definately the place for us, the house prices in Caloundra are affordable the beaches are beautiful and plenty of play area's for the kids too, theres lots to do for them there and my girls 3 and 1 loved it, definately a place for consideration, we are hoping to move there soon just hoping we can sell the house asap. Good luck with everything.

    Kelly, Mike & Girls
  5. Hiya, that really helps, we are also looking into Adelaide but keep being more swayed towards Brisbane. My boys are around the same age 4 and 18mths which is the big reason why it has to be right! will defo be looking into that area.

    Thanks and good luck with everything :)
  6. Cad

    Cad Guest

    We went to Caloundra last April to validate our visas. We have 2 kids and it was great for them, lots to do outside, loads of great, clean, safe beaches, play parks with facilities to suit parents and kids. Clean, pleasant, friendly place. Ideally we'd like to settle there, but it will all depend on where we secure jobs.
  7. paulashacks

    paulashacks Guest

    Sorry to but in, read your post and wondered if you could help me too! We are about to start the process for a 175 visa, there is myself who probably wont work at first until children settled, hubby who is currently a gas engineer with British Gas, 2 girls aged 8 and 10. We want to know what the situation is like for someone coming over without a job, i.e. prospects of employment, or if there are any good websites/places to ring or write to where we could find out about job opportunities. We visited the Sunshine Coast in 2008 and loved it, stayed at Marcoola but looking to be in a good catchment area for schools - any suggestions there too? Caloundra sounds nice, will have a look and ask my friends who currently live in Bli Bli. Her children both go to private schools as they were not in catchment for the school they wanted, maybe this would be an option but is difficult without knowing about jobs! Also wondered if it would be worth going over again and maybe visiting some gas companies in the area to see about the employment situation. I know he will have to get a licence to work for companies over there but hoping someone will take him on! Any help with any of the above would be much appreciated. thanks

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