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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by dawn c, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. dawn c

    dawn c Guest

    hello we are looking at buderim area does anyone have any info on schools i have 3 age 13,6 .18 months.also are there any leisure centres.swimming pools close by ..
    any ifo will be fab ...thanks

  2. Don QuayPoly

    Don QuayPoly New Member

    Nice ginger factory in Buderim ! .... sorry, just a bit of useless info.
  3. Hello Dawn, just saw your post, so maybe this reply is a bit late. My family and I moved here just before xmas, and we think this place is wonderful! You have a wide choice of schools, private and state, (our girls attend Montessori) and Buderim has a public pool in the centre of town. Leisure centres (not sure what you mean). The downside is that house prices (also rentals) are a bit steep, but I think it's worth the extra. If you need any more info. I will be happy to help. What interests do you have etc? Good luck, Peter and Susanne
  4. dawn c

    dawn c Guest

    hi there visa have gone in and it will be next year but was wanted more info on the areas ..thanks for your reply ..what age are your girls ...
  5. Buderim

    Hi Dawn

    I'm keen to find out, just like you, about Buderim. Ive been to the Ginger Factory (twice!:mad:) but not to Buderim. I didnt find out about it until back in the UK, but am really keen to find out as much as possible.

    We hope to be in Oz just around Xmas , and certainly by the new school year end of Jan. My school age child is a girl aged 8, the other two have left school.

    I'm new to this site, and really struggling to find my way around.

    We're from Beckenham Kent right now, and you ?

    Hope all goes well in your search. I guess if i find anything useful and post it here you will see it, and vise versa.

    Good luck and maybe we'll meet one day ?!



    visa granted May 14th 2008, visa verified Xmas 2008...2009's been the longest year, wont be long now :laugh:
  6. dawn c

    dawn c Guest

    hi gill we are from sudbury suffolk but have been living in brittany france for the last 5 years we are in the early stages of papers etc so hoping it will be may ish ,? next year are you hoping to settle in buderim
    good luck with everything dawn x
  7. Mark and Jo

    Mark and Jo The MadHatters

    My parents are in Buderim too. They love it!
  8. dawn c

    dawn c Guest

    hi good morning from france i still have your mums details and will contact her with any questions
    regards dawn x

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