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Discussion in 'Socialising & Get Togethers' started by PommyPaul, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. PommyPaul

    PommyPaul New Member

    What is the bike scene like in Brisbane/Gold Coast/Sunshine Coast??? We are in SA and looking to move in the not too distant future - later this year. I was really into my bikes in the UK and have not managed to get back into it here yet as there does not seem to be much going on and all the bikers I have seen here ride to the speed limit, don't overtake, don't filter, the list goes on..... Any meets/cafes, track days, help, let me know you can be naughty and ride em like you stole em!!!!!!

    Love Streetfighters, Sportsbikes, Enduros/Supermoto's, anything with 2 wheels thats fast!!:rofl:

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hiya hubby and son are into their bikes, although there seems to be that many bloomin accidents hubby sold his road bike last year and bought a trials. Its a bit like the uk for off roading ,in that theres a big lack of facilities, there are a couple of cubs who do monthly meets around south brisbane.
    You see more Harleys than anything over here, the odd superbike is out there but not like the UK. Loads of nice roads, not sure if you know The Trough of Bowland in the uk, but lots of places like that around here. There are clubs out there just make sure you dont end up with a ''bikie gang' lol, theres a few of them up here too.
    Cal x
  3. PommyPaul

    PommyPaul New Member

    Cheers Cal, I have heard the accident rates are high here. Stories of dodgy car drivers and trucks causing a lot of them. Harleys are popular down here as well, as are the gangs. I have heard there are plenty of nice roads up your way so there must be people riding them. Suprised the sportsbike scene is not as big as the uk as they have better weather and nice roads, wonder if the old bill are putting people off???

  4. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    That could have something to do with it,lol, they are really on the ball , and very devious with their un-marked vehicles . I dont condone speeding of course, but when your out on the mountains who you going to hurt if you bin it other than yourself, built up areas then its fair enough.
    I think the police would die if Shakey and the fast bike team turned up here,lol
    Cal x
  5. PommyPaul

    PommyPaul New Member

    Totally agree with the mountains and built up areas issue. The plod are red hot on it all down here as well. Shakey is a legend!!!
  6. roadrunner

    roadrunner New Member

    Hi Paul when you get up here drop me a line.
    Ive been up here a year now since moving from Adelaide, originally from leeds, moved to Adelaide in 05.
    Theres some good fast roads out west of me - Im north Gold Coast. Once out in the country we dont take alot of notice of the speed limits. we go miles from away from built up areas where its safe and you can see for miles.
    Must admit I miss Bull Creek and Lobethol road for the twisties and Delamere Road for the speed buzz.
    Got a 600RR at the mo' but it will be replaced by a Blade before the big ride to the Island later in the year for GP.
    Its not like home though, I did track days at Donnington, Cadwell. Oulton etc, . Here theres just not that many lads into bikes, hence not many biking cafes , tracks etc. Also I think its to do with distances between places, back home a 6 /7 hrs round trip could get you all over, Yorks Moors, Lake District , Cat and Fiddle, north Wales etc, we did 6 hrs last week and did Mount Gorious north of Brisbane and back.
    Been told of loads of good roads yet to do, all in the ' instant ban ' speed bracket.....roll on

  7. PommyPaul

    PommyPaul New Member

    Cheers mate, sent you a pm:biggrin:

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