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Discussion in 'Socialising & Get Togethers' started by jaxcooper, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. jaxcooper

    jaxcooper Guest

    Hi, Hubby is a huge classic metal/rock fan and I wondered if anyone else out there shares his taste? He likes Tool, porcupine tree, Iron Maiden and Rush to name a few :)

  2. Bazza&Jules

    Bazza&Jules New Member

    yep we are, well we more rock/metal. I luvs anything from journey to slayer. My OH Bazz is more classic thrash boy eg testment, megadeth, slayer. We love going to gigs and are going to see Pearl Jam, slayer, megadeth, in the upcoming mths!! Hope as well see my favourite band Faith No More in Soundwaves feb.
    A friend from our home town, is a world famous metal band at the moment Bullit for my Valentine. Stick with us he got us back stage passes for big day out last year!!
    I miss going to all the fetivals esp Download (previously monsters of rock)!! Having 2 kids myself and no one to babysit our gigging days are over!!
    We miss all our friends who have the same music tastes as every bugga we've met here only know whats on B105 or bloody country!
    Jules xx

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