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  1. Hi to fellow Poms,

    Sue, Amelia (3 years old) and myself (Chris) have recently arrived from Weymouth to set up home In Tugun (4224) on Gold Coast :biggrin:. Would like to catch up with any other Brit's that are living in this part of the world. Great time to arrive, where have all the jobs gone:confused::frown: Look forward to a good get together so we can :laugh: when we take The Ashes back over the summer. Chris & Sue

  2. Mark and Jo

    Mark and Jo The MadHatters

    Hi Im in Brizzy western suburbs, Welcome to Brits in Brizzy, Australia adn Queensland!!!
  3. penguin89

    penguin89 Guest

    Hi all,
    Myself, Marie, husband Don and 2 daughters, Heather aged 18 and Beth 13 years, moved over september last year from Birmingham. We live in Kingscliff about 10 mins South of Tugun. What about you, when did you move over. We were thinking the same thing about the jobs, there aren't any! Don is a bricklayer by trade but has taken loads of tickets in driving and traffic controlling and still no work. What about you, have you had any luck at all? it would be nice to meet up and have a natter, even if it is just to laugh at the oz's when we take the ashes lol
  4. Hi ya Marie,

    It would be great to catch up and we are happy to pop down to sunny Kingscliff. Do you fancy meeting up at a coffe pad of your choice. We are free over the weekend or at some point next week. 0430707003 (Sue) & 0433743113 (Chris). Look forward to seeing you soon.
    PS: Sue used to reside around the Solihull area before moving to Weymouth.
    Thanks Chris

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