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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by tinacc, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. tinacc

    tinacc Guest

    HI all,

    I am a single mother who is currently going through the process of a 175 visa, at the moment i live in Surrey and own my own Mens Barbers, i want to give it all up and start again in Australia, does this make me crazy??
    With the housing market being so bad over here i wont be coming over with alot of funds, i am taking a massive gamble,may be the best thing i ever do or it could be the worst...only one way to find out...
    Is it me or am i the only single person looking to relocate? all the mosts i read seem to be from couples with young families? my girls are 18 and 16.....

  2. Mark and Jo

    Mark and Jo The MadHatters

    G`Day from down under! Sure doesnt make you crazy!!!! I think if you know what you want, then you have to go for it. How do your girls feel about it?
  3. tinacc

    tinacc Guest

    Thanks for reply, youngest daughter is not coming, she is staying in the uk with my family, i didnt want to push her into the move,it is something i have always wanted to do so i decided once the girls were old enough to make up their own minds i would do it... you cant live their lives for them... Eldest daughter cant wait, she has spent 2 yrs training in hairdressing with toni and guy so hopefully she shouldnt find it too hard to find a job!
    Do you know if there are any caravan parks in gold coast/ surfers paradise areas where you can do long term rentals? thought maybe that would be our cheapest option whilst we are looking for an area to settle in...
    Many thanks Tina x
  4. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hiya ,i had a hairdresser stay a couple of months ago and she had 3 job offers in her first couple of days.Finding work in a salon should be no problems for her.There are a couple of caravan & cabin parks on the Gold Coast around Labrador and surfers.Another option you may find appealingis a townhouse type property in a complex,i have looked at a few of theses and cant fault them.
    Are you shipping firniture or selling up and buying here? as lots of people ship their items ,its common to book a hotel or furnished let for a few weeks on your arrival until you can secure a longer term let.Its hard ,not impossible but hard and can be risky to sign up for a property you havnt seen.This also gives you time to check out areas and find the right place for you,good luck with everything and ask away if you need anymore help ,someone will have the answer,lol
    Cal x
  5. scottandkay

    scottandkay Guest


    hi tina

    i am from surrey, where abouts are you?? i have been in oz 4 years, 3 and half in perth and about 4 months in queensland. your love it over here, much less hectic than surrey!!!!

  6. chellem

    chellem Guest

    Hi Hun

    No you are definatly not the only single person making the move so you are not alone!! Have you looked on pomsinoz there are a few posts on there from single people?

    There is lots of work for hair dressers so you really shouldnt have a problem on that front with regards to accomodation there is so much of it around that area Im sure you will be able to find something to suit your budget

    Give us a shout if you need any more info - and Good Luck!

    Chelle x
  7. tinacc

    tinacc Guest

    Hi Kay,

    I live in woking? which part of queensland are you living?

  8. tinacc

    tinacc Guest

    Thanks Chelle, i plan to come over beginning of next year to validate visa then i will have to return to u.k until i can sell my house!! credit crunch has certainly ruined my timimg! I think i will be heading to surfers? any advice on cheap accomadation for approx 3 wks early next year would be appreciated....

    Thanks again Tina x
  9. itsjo

    itsjo Guest

    Hey we are all a little crazy right :).. Go for it girl...I always said if I returned to England after 5 years with nothing but the clothes on my back, having lost it all I will have the biggest smile and saying "Wow what a ride"...Only you know what is best for you but your heart will lead the way...
    Good luck in your decisions
    Jo x
  10. scottandkay

    scottandkay Guest



    at the moment am in narangba, north brisbane but think we are going to move to sunshine coast over next few weeks. although saying that the gold coast has not definately been ruled out yet. we originate from epsom, surrey. i know woking quite well my gran used to live there.


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