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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Gilly G, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. Gilly G

    Gilly G Guest

    Hi Everyone - At last the decision has been made! My daughter has been in Australia for the past 10 years and a citizen for 4. She currently lives in Brisbane and has today returned after a month long holiday in the UK. As so may of you will appreciate I have toyed with the idea of immigration for longer than I care to remember. Phone conversations and emails are all very well, but they can't substitute the face to face conversation with your loved one - Mum is moving to Oz, is that cool with you? Well despite today's sadness, I am delighted that she is 'cool' and the process is to begin! I intend to move on the contributory visa and use an agent, although I will have to sell my property in the UK to release vital equity to enable me to pay fees. I have extremely supportive friends and family in the UK who will be on my case until time to move, which I understand should take no longer than 18 months start to finish - perhaps some of you other contributory parents out there would be prepared to comment on that? I will be working (53 this year) and at the moment my daughter and I hope to combine finances and buy together - and of course I mustn't forget my much loved cat travelling out as well. I have done a great deal of research, but at this stage I'm on the edge of the precipice and feel both excited and ever so slightly scared! I would very much welcome thoughts and comments from you all and I look forward to reading all the messages, tips and comments on the forum.
    Bye for now!

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