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Discussion in 'Schools & Education' started by kelsb21, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. kelsb21

    kelsb21 New Member

    Hi Guys

    We will shortly be arriving in Brisbane my OH in Feb myself and the 2 children as soon as house sells.
    My Son is 3 an half. I have done some research and due to his birthday being in July it would seem he won't go to school until his 6 an half!!!!

    At the moment he goes 3-4 days at pre school he loves it and asks to go even at the weekends. He is due to start school in September in the UK. So I am really worried about the 2.5 year wait to get him into school.

    What are my options in Brisbane with him?. I will be lucky enough not to have to work for a while when I get out there but he won't want to be with me at home full time. I think he will enjoy a more structured environment.

    Anyone recommend activities, clubs etc
    any advise on schooling system I.e when can I start him in pre school, recommend good pre school
    Play groups etc

    We haven't decided on an area to live yet but the short list in no particular order The Gap, Ashgrove or Cleveland. Due mainly to primary school choice for my 6 soon to be 7 year old daughter.

    Any help would be great fully appreciated.:smile:

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi before my youngest started school she attending private daycare a couple of days a week and on the other days we did swimming, Kindergymnastics and attended the playgroups in the park. Local councils orgainse the playgroups in the park and they are free of charge, libaries etc also have activities on. Basically there is quite a lot of stuff do with little ones for not much if any costs, its also a great way to meet people .

    Cal x
  3. Cazza THFC

    Cazza THFC New Member

    Hi Cal, this is good to hear. Myself, hubby James and 2 yr old son Max move to Buderim end of this month. Your point 're the local council activities, where wld you obtain such info? Online or physically visiting the local council offices?

    Thx v much
  4. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    You could try on line,but i found the local papers were the best for finding out whats on and where. Also once you get into one group, word of mouth is going for finding new places.

    Cal x
  5. leaf

    leaf Guest

    Hi Kel,

    Apart from playgroups, you could try the kindergyms - redlands pcyc at capalaba or ymca at Victoria point. Other things you could try and if you have the funds, maybe swimmng classes, or dance classes (no.. You don't have to do ballet.. They have other things.. Like tap, hip hop etc). There is also kindermusic. There are also several aquatic centres around that have more than just pools.. But set up with spouts and stuff - i haven't been,but there is the Cleveland Aquatic Centre, and The Plantation at Ransome/gumdale area. Also, there is a great playground, water play area in Wynnum on the Esplanade. I think it called wynnum whale water park or something. It's free and very popular. Google it for more info. Also there is the Capalaba regional Park - excellent park for people of all ages, and great for picnics, also very popular specially on weekends.

    There is also wellington point park at the end of Mains Road. It has a small beach, and during low tide, you can walk across to the nearby mini island. You can pick up shells, look at the tonnes of hermit crabs around, and if you are into it, i have seen people catch yabbies too with their yabby diggers. There is a jetty there and lots of grassy areas for your child to run around or for a picnic. There is also a playground near (to the left) of the entrance. There is a cafe and fish and chip/icecream shop there too.

    For another try, there is the Raby Harbourside, and a little further, in from there, there is a few mini beaches there. Not quite as well shaded though.
  6. Tiamilo

    Tiamilo Guest

    Hi, Are you sure he won't start until he is 6.5? My youngest has just turned 4 (March 28th) and is starting school in January 2014 so I am thinking that your son will be able to start in January 2015 in Queensland. I don't think it is compulsory he starts then and you can wait until the year after if you want too but is worth checking. They don't have pre school like in the UK but there a number of options. Our daughter goes to a Day care centre 3 days a week which is like the private nurseries in the UK. She started in Foundation and is now in Kindergarten. Your son would be in the foundation year this year if I am correct. If you come across on a permanent visa you can claim some of the cost back otherwise it costs full price which works out expensive. There are childminders and other options but you will have to ask other people about them as I didn't look into them too much. The centre our daughter goes too starts a learning program with numbers and letters in kindergarten this year ready for the start of school and she settled in really quick. She goes to Sesame LAne which is a franchise so you find them all over if that helps. It is all very confusing but you get there eventually!! :)

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