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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Nutter, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. Nutter

    Nutter New Member


    First time on this site - so have a few questions I hope someone can help me with.

    We have lived in Adelaide for almost 3 yrs, and are thinking about a move to Queensland.

    We have 2 children, 1 still in primary school and 1 who will be starting secondary school in Jan, so a good high school is top of the priority list.

    We currently live "out in the sticks" in Adelaide and are wanting a more surburban lifestyle, ie, walk to shops, school and hopefully even a pub...

    From www research we are thinking of the following areas - Cashmere, Strathpine or Pacific Pines. Any info anyone can give us would be a great help.

  2. jam jar

    jam jar New Member

    hi 'nutter'

    i'm not sure if i can help you much on the areas, but wanted to say hi, as we are in adelaide at the moment, been here about 17 months now, and where planning a move to the goldcoast, just waiting for the house to sell, not sure about the other areas you mentioned but we are also thinking of moving to pacific pines, from research and info from friends living at coomera (just up the road), pacific pines is a nice area for families, with local shops, close to shopping malls, 3 primary schools a high school, tennis courts, 15 mins from surfers paradise and around 50 mins to the CBD, and with easy access to the highway.

    hope this helps, and good luck with your move.

  3. alles

    alles New Member


    :smile:Hi we are the friends of jam jar yes pacific pines is good but coomera is better for high schools. We lived in adelaide for 11 months and had to get out as not a lot to do so if you need any help give us a call and ill try and help.
    all the best the taylors.:laugh:

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