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Discussion in 'Renting & Real Estate' started by Markjl, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. Markjl

    Markjl Guest

    Hey All

    Im going to be moving from Adelaide which i love to Brisbane at the start of May. I want to live near/in the city center. So hoping you guys can recommend an area/areas for a young professional?
    Also hoping you can point me in the right direction of some short term rental accom to get me started? 2-8weeks type thing fully furnished.

  2. heldownunder

    heldownunder New Member

    Hi have you looked on stayz?
    We used homely houses for a rental but werent paying. i also think there was a brisbane corporate accommodation who had apartments around kangaroo point, which is just across the river from the cbd.
  3. Markjl

    Markjl Guest

    thanks for the reply! tried stayz not really much on there and the Corp apartments are all looking about 700 per week, in a central location .
    Do you know if anyone owns an aprtment on here and rents it out? when i came to adelaide there was alot of people on the forum that had a property which they rented out for not such a high price?
    I guess gum tree is the next option but it can be hit and miss ive found
  4. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    There are a few of us on here with furnished accommodation,, you will however struggle to find anything for much less than $700 pr week unless you plan on a longer stay (over 4 weeks) and get a decent discount.

    Cal x
  5. Markjl

    Markjl Guest

    Hmm im doing 350 now short term in the city center adelaide. Your telling me its double the price? Think Gum tree or local estate agents it is :)
  6. heldownunder

    heldownunder New Member

    There are motels eg koala resort which do long term deals plus alot of people coming to Brisbane use caravan parks
    Both of which are further out ...
  7. Markjl

    Markjl Guest

    HA! already found some in the city center for 400, people that pay 700 are getting mugged off! Key is to get people that are looking for 6months and offer a little more
  8. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Yeah its ideal if you are looking for somewere for 6 months, the catch is not many new arrivals want to comitt to 6 months staying in a furnished house in an area they are unsure of, hence short term furnished is more expensive.
    As someone mentioned their are cabin parks but they to average $700 on a longer stay in an intrim cabin.
    There is a student type accommodation in and around the city but it not ideal for people with children, due to the size of the apartments and the noise some students make,lol

    Glad youve sorted somewhere
    Cal x
  9. Rudi

    Rudi Relocation Brisbane

    Signing up for 6 months is a very different thing to the short term accommodation people may need when they first arrive. For a 6 month rental you need to sign a contract and pay your own bills. There is less hassle for the landlord.

    In the city, $700 is pretty cheap for short term accommodation. However, you can get cheaper if you are prepared to slum it a bit!


  10. Markjl

    Markjl Guest

    Hey Guys

    Thanks for the feed back but i think you arent really hearing what im saying. I had the same issue when coming to adelaide all the people who do short stay accom charge the earth and give little in return. I.e 700 a week for an avaerage 1 bed in the city center, If you dig deeper and find people who are looking for 6months on property websites they will usally agree to shorter rentals like 3 months but not at stupid prices. i figured it out after looking around for a second short stay in adelaide (now on 4th). Gum tree is also great as some people go overseas for a month or 2 and they usally dont expect stupid prices.
    Moral is if your reading this and coming out to OZ you dont have to pay stupid money shop around! 700 a week is far to much no matter what anyone tells u :)
  11. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Yeah i heard you and also agree $700 for a pokey 1 bed apart is abit much,reagrdless of how long you stay. I also agree that if your single or childless you can find alternative furnished accommodation cheaper, especially if your not picky.

    However i dont think $700 for a 4 bedroom furnished house, with your contents insurance, electric ,gas and water costs all paid for you is ''a stupid price''. In fact its quite a cheap price for a furnished house, most are more than this and if you have kids a hotel/motel is just no good (and also costs approx $100+ pr night)

    I think the scams were quite a few people were ripped off for hundreds of dollars last year put alot of folk off Gumtree. Sites like Stayz etc you have to provide proof to show your genuine prior to advertising, gumtree is abit of a free for all. Its a great site for buying and selling stuff though.

    Cal x
  12. Markjl

    Markjl Guest

    But im not talking about a 4 bedroom house?

    Its all good just thought people on here might have some advice on places like that. I know they are out there, its not a question of whether they are out there
  13. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    LOL, yes but you didnt ask that in your opening question, you just asked for short term accommodation to which myself and Rudi replied,only to be told we were mugging people with stupid prices,lol,,, hence you got the replies you did

    Cal x
  14. Markjl

    Markjl Guest

    Thought u might have figured it out when i said im moving to brisbane can u recommened any where for a young professional. I didnt say can u recommend somewhere for a family of 5! LOL

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