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  1. kateandjames

    kateandjames Guest

    Hi there!

    Me and my partner are at the very start of the process and just having a read of these posts to get a feel for people's current experiences out there in Queensland! I am a Technology secondary school and there is the chance that I may be able to get state nomination. We are both 26 and looking at leaving a happy life here in search for new experiences and a better quality of life. Initially we had looked at Queensland because of it's desirable climate but now la bit worried after doing a bit more research and its availability of jobs. James is a maintenance Technician.

    I suppose all I'm looking to find out is what sort of lifestyle should we be expecting to experience as a young, sociable and outgoing couple. We both understand the implications of leaving family etc behind but feel that we would enjoy a new challenge (we know in the initial stages this will be very difficult) and the laidback lifestyle which we have researched is appealing to us both. To those who have made the leap, what are the changes we can expect from the UK, and what sort of doors would Brisbane / queensland open to a young couple.

    I appreciate all responses immensely as this is my first post in a forum and it feels like the ball is really rolling!

    Kate and James x

  2. davebowks37

    davebowks37 Guest

    Hi kate and james,

    Cant believe no one has replied.

    Well here are my thoughts and i reckon people will agree and disagree but it might get some more replies for you.

    We moved to south oz in 2008 and after a year and a half moved to queensland and although we miss some parts of sa we love being up here.

    The weather is good, very humid in summer but you manage with the air con and beaches. I watched a program about a pommy couple who moved to oz and complained it was too hot and sand get everywhere when you go to a beach........not surprised we get called whinges!

    I still compare prices to the uk and feel things are slightly over priced but pay seems to be better for me anyway.

    I wouldnt say its as laid back as i thought it would be, you still have to work and pay bills but weekends can be great because you can get out and about because its not raining all year like uk.

    Beers are pretty much just largers so i miss real ale in pubs....can be bought at some off licenses.

    Can be difficult to make friends so you got to make a real effort.

    For me bris was just a little too far from a decent beach but is a lovely city and there is a man made beach there. Havent lived higher than bris like cairns, rockhampton, townsville etc but heard they get a lot of rain during summer?

    Where were you think of being in qld?

    I guess the main issue is missing family but skype facebook and trips home can help you overcome that i supppse.

    I feel oz has a lot to offer and will be going for my citizenship next year. Id definitely recommend coming for a year to see what you think. Im afraid to say the uk is going down the swany and will be a while before it picks up unfortunately.

    Hope this helps let me know if you have any specific questions and fingers crossed this might trigger other folk to voice their opinions.


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