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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by bungee, May 21, 2011.

  1. bungee

    bungee Guest

    We are due to move to Adelaide later this year with our 12 yr old daughter, however we notice many negative comments on life in Adelaide.... we are now worrying incase we are making a big mistake moving there.... we have been to Brisbane (Sunshine Coast are) bk in 2009 for a month and loved the place.
    Any honest feedback much appreciated,

  2. srp

    srp No longer active member

    We have a couple of sister sites you may find useful

    Poms in Oz is our main site with a lot who could possibly offer ideas on the differences between the two cities and states.

    I do not know a lot about the sunny coast, but i do know a lot who love it there.
  3. Cymru

    Cymru New Member

    Hi Bungee

    Having lived in both Adelaide and Brisbane, I would say that they both have their good points and not so good. For instance, I absolutely love the summer months in Adelaide because they heat is so different to the humidity, plus you have daylight saving so can be on the gorgeous beaches in Adelaide until 9pm. For me, Brisbane summers are a bit of a nightmare, been here a couple of years and cant get used to the humidity, summer is also the wet season in Brisbane and of course no day light saving so gets dark pretty early.

    However, saying that I love the winter months in Brisbane and Adelaide gets a bit too cold for us.

    Went to Adelaide recently and the beaches were stunning. Nothing compares to that in Brissy, you would have to go to the Gold Coast or Sunshine coast, which is about 1 hour drive.

    The kids settled really well into school in Brissy, although we were told by teachers that Qld schools are about 6 months behind Adelaide.

    We did toy with the idea of moving back to Adelaide for a long time but now feel that we all love Brissy and wouldnt want to live anywhere else.
  4. lilipilli

    lilipilli Guest

    We lived in Adelaide for 11 years and recently moved to Brisbane, I would definitely not move back, the winter weather here is lovely, we have been on the beach in July and it was 25 degrees. Adelaide can get quite cold and wet during the winter months. We have family living near Noosa which is a lovely area, so why not rent unitl you have made a decision before buying in Adelaide. Good luck lilipillix

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