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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by rain n neil, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. rain n neil

    rain n neil New Member

    Well we have just come back from our 3rd trip to the Gold Coast and definately moving, house going on realestate very soon, just hoping it sells for what we want. We have decided to start off in Pacific Pines, seems to be a vast choice of rentals there. Must be mad, 18 months ago we left the UK with 5 kids for Adelaide and now are uprooting us all again to hopefully our final destination.

    Anyone who lives around Pac Pines or in fact anywhere on the Gold Coast we would love to meet up for a chat/drink :smile:

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi Good Luck with the move, at least your accent will be familiar on Pac Pines,,lol, it should also be easier to meet other migrants and make new friends..

    Keep us updated
    Cal x
  3. Mike H

    Mike H Guest

    The GC has some nice areas and lots to do, good shopping, beaches ect. The down side is not much employment (especially for tradies) so its a long commute into Brisbane CBD for most. The GC also atracts a lot of yobs (mainly surfers paridise). TBH you wont see the yobs unless you go to the bars and clubs
  4. rain n neil

    rain n neil New Member

    Workwise theres far more than here in Adelaide, hubby has already had a call from an electrical company very keen to see him so fingers crossed he will find work super quick :wink:
  5. Mike H

    Mike H Guest

    Thats a good start, to get working straigt away takes the pressure off a great deal and lets you find your feet at your leisure. We had friends in Ormeau and it was the top end of the GC so only 1 hour into CBD (traffic permitting)
  6. shella_n

    shella_n Guest

    Hi Rain n Neil

    We are looking at moving to GC too ( alo looking at Pacific Pines lol) but we can't make any plans until one of us gets a job. Where r u at the moment? We r in Port Noarlunga although lived 1.5 years in Mawson Lakes before this.

    I don't have anything against Adelaide but this isn't what we wanted when we left uk. It's been good o us here but the only thing keeping us here is my job which I love. Very exciting to be making another big move but scary too.

    How long have you been here? Would love to hear any of your thoughts on Qld compared to SA.


  7. rain n neil

    rain n neil New Member

    Hi Michelle,

    We've been here only 19 mths ! Live near you just off Bains Road.....we like you don't feel its for us here, once u have done the zoo,wineries etc there's not much to do and so quiet and not how we imagined Australia whereas Qld is how we imagined it. We could meet up before we go if u like, just give me a pm.

    Lorraine :)
  8. shella_n

    shella_n Guest

    Hi Lorraine
    Soory took so long to reply - been stupid busy recently.
    Would love to meet up & chat about Qld compared to SA. Perhaps we can do coffee? I live just by PN school. I can only do weekends unfortunately - let me know what works for you.
    Cheers Michelle
  9. silverload

    silverload Guest

    Hi Guys, we moved to Adelaide from the UK only 5 months ago but quickly realised it's not for us either. We had initially planned to go to Brisbane but were told that my job as a Primary Teacher would be better prospect wise in Adelaide, not the case however, permanent positions are rare and from the TRT work I have done so far, it's not what I thought it would be either. We too cannot move unless one of us has a job to go to and I'm just hoping that I can either retrain in another profession or transfer the skills I already have as a teacher into another area of work. Any positive advice on a move to QLD would be gratefully appreciated:)
  10. rain n neil

    rain n neil New Member

    Just came back from a week up there again, hubbie got offered 2 jobs, so much more work for sparkies. So much to organise now, selling cars, packing house.....weve booked 2 weeks accomodation there whilst we try and find a rental we like, cant wait for these next 5 weeks to pass and furniture to be gone.

    Weve spoke to quite a few people that either moved from the UK to WA or SA and all felt it wasnt for them and have moved up to Brisbane/Gold Coast. It seems very common for people to feel Adelaide is not as they imagined Oz to be.
  11. shella_n

    shella_n Guest

    Hi Lorraine. Few questions if you don't mind As we are in the same area youll understand what we have here in terms of weather, housin options, schools etc. is the beach Life similar there? We really enjoy being close to a nice beach and we are very involved in water activities - I've got visions of tourist filled beaches there ??
    how would you describe weather compared to here? I don't think I can make it trough another winter here but equally worried that the weather may be the opposite extreme there .
    pone of my main issues here is the schools. We are in a good primary but will have to pay hefty fees for high school here, it looks like the situation is better there - have you visited the schools?
    sorry for all the questions... I know we need to go and see it ourselves but we are cash poor at the moment so only want to go on the recipe if it looks like it is going to tick all the boxes.

    Looking forward t any input uyou might have.
  12. 1143ellis

    1143ellis Guest

    Hi just wanted to say hello and think your move to the gold coast will be worth it, we have lived in a few places over here nad have finally settled in the gold coast, we love it and would love to meet for a coffee if you end up near were i am, i live in runaway bay.
  13. rain n neil

    rain n neil New Member

    Hi there, thank you for your post, we cant wait now, packing up the house and will be there thurs 18th oct, we have just put an application in for a house in Molendinar, it seems quite a good central place to live.

    Defo be good to meet up.


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