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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by hannash, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. hannash

    hannash New Member

    hey all ,due to finances and rubbish exchange rates we may not be able to go to bris as soon as we would like so the thing is has anyone ever or know anyone who has arrived and activated there visa until such times ,what actually happens,

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi as long as you activate the visa before the expiry date you don't have to move here straight away.
    To activate you could come on a short holiday, or even walk through passport control, get your passport stamped and hop straight back on a plane to the uk. lol..
    Quite a few familys have done this, especially as so many are struggling to sell their propertys to fund the actual move.

    Hope this helps a bit
    Cal x
  3. hannash

    hannash New Member

    hey cal ,i here you,, im going to go around xmas time , im just trying to think to do anything that can be done so its not a waste of time,im going to have a look around because ive never been before , try to open a bank account ,have a look at areas, house types ,any thoughts on banks would be a help (not slagging off haa haa ),i1l be on my own with no kids becouse of the price of flights this time of year
  4. Martyn Elmore

    Martyn Elmore New Member

    G'day again!

    Regarding flights on a budget, have a look at Air Asia. Just been voted Best Budget airline. They fly from Stansted, through Kuala Lumpur to Coolangatta (Gold Coast). Yes, it'll probably be a longer flight and you don't fly into Brisbane, but if money is ruling the roost, it's a definite option.
  5. cal

    cal Super Moderator


    I would say one of the biggest challenges when you move here is finding an area, so if you can almost pinpoint one whilst your here it will save you loads of driving around when you move over and have the kids in tow.
    As for Banks , we use ANZ and Suncorp and have been happy with their service. It was very easy to open an account on line from the UK and TBH you would be better doing this than trying to open one when your here with no Aussie ID. Other banks who migrants seem to use are Westpak and Commonwealth.

    Hope this helps
    Cal x
  6. hannash

    hannash New Member

    i here yous all, thanks, its lookin like north but not to far north maybe bracken ridge ,bald hills area but my wife fancys a new build around north lakes because we are moving from a new build here were we live now, i think we have said goodbye to the pool we wanted ,its just to expensive to keep and run and houses are dearer with them ,there seems to be a bit of a drop in prices around there from what i see ,i`ve seen a good few at 350 375 thousand ,

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