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Discussion in 'Jobs & Careers' started by Munchie, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Munchie

    Munchie Guest

    What is the job market like in Brisbane for Accountancy?
  2. Adam&Claire

    Adam&Claire Guest

    There are definitely jobs out there but at the moment, quite a lot of competition for them so employers are able to be quite selective eg requiring industry experience before they'll interview you & the industries in Brisbane seem to be a bit more limited than say Sydney or Melbourne, just because it's a much smaller city. Found I had to accept much lower salary/benefits than my last role in London but figure coming here is a lifestyle choice, not to further my career or would have stayed in the UK longer.

    Not sure what kind of accountant you are - eg public practice might be different but I was looking for corporate type roles and struggled a bit though looking over Christmas didn't help!

  3. Bazza&Jules

    Bazza&Jules New Member

    It looks like there are plenty of jobs here but Im a financial controller, have done accounts for 20yrs and I cant even get a part time job!!! they r so friggin fussy! as adam says, they are very picky in industry, packages used etc etc....... Hays accountancy wont even look at me, as they have too many on their books...yet I worked for them before I left UK. One Brit lady who works for an agency, has told me that if 5 girls go for the job and 4 are aussie, one of them will get the job!! Been looking for 6 mths no joy!
    Good Luck!
  4. Accountants!

    I am an ACCA qualified accountant and waiting to be given full MNIA status before I migrate in June.
    I have to do Open University and study Australian Taxation and Company Law before I start applying for posts.
    If I am not that fussy to begin with, and will take any work, whether on a temp/contract basis etc., how likely is it that I will be able to find work?
    Am getting a bit worried!!!!
  5. Bazza&Jules

    Bazza&Jules New Member

    It doesnt help that i'm on a 457 visa and not a resident, so agencies wont look at me unless I resi even tho I can work for 4 yrs and hopefully apply for resi now we here. they wont even consider me for temping and accounts payable post or accounts receivable and I can do that standing on me head!! Their accounts package over here is mainly MYOB very similar to SAGE. They are not interested unless you have done this package and got experience in work place with it. I have done a months work on at my husbands work place and as you well know, once you've seen 1 accounts package, you've seen them all.....
    Im not sure on accountants, they might take a different light!
    Again like Adam says, there a lot of us to choose from at the moment, so try and get yourself a job offer before you get here if you can. Email agencies and apply for anything on my
    Good Luck Jules x
  6. Bazza&Jules

    Bazza&Jules New Member

    ps If any of you get a job, can I be your assistant??!! hehe I just wanna work!!! boohoo
  7. Ha!

    Yes, course you can- is I ever get a job by the sounds of it!
    I am prepared to do anything to get by though so hopefully something will come my way in time!
    How long have you been in Brissie? What are best suburbs to live in for Brit communities?
    I am woman in early thirties, migrating on my own so would be great to be near some friendly faces!
    How long have you been out there?
  8. Bazza&Jules

    Bazza&Jules New Member

    Hi anna
    they say north is best, south is quite rough, all the news always comes from the south side. If ur single and loving the night life try THE GAP, FORTITUDE VALLEY
    What are you looking for and I maybe able to giv you info on suburbs. what sort of living etc. how much, you got to spend, all these things are big factors as to which suburb you can afford to live in. Have you ever been here before?? Do you like pubs as they are poo here, unless u are close to the big smoke.
    Stick to the rail line as taxi's dont venture far from the smoke in the nights (lazy gits!).
    but really stick north or if south stick close to city. xx
  9. Bazza&Jules

    Bazza&Jules New Member

    sorry forgot to say been here 6mths, travelled all over got friends everywhere, we all spread out mate!! gotta stay over peoples houses if you wanna av a drink. pain in the arse i know but the bloody taxi's dont turn up when you order them. I think when you get here maybe we can start up a taxi firm!! lol
  10. fish.01

    fish.01 Member

    North and South of Brisbane are the same. The rough parts of the south are when you leave the Brisbane boundary and cross over to Logan City or the outer south-west.

    The outer suburbs of the north are just as bad. If you stay within 15km or so of the city either direction most suburbs will be good. Directly North and South are very similar. If you want posh head to the western suburbs.

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