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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by hotpigeon3, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. hotpigeon3

    hotpigeon3 Guest

    Wow I cant believe the time has come for me to go. This time tomorrow I will be on my way :)

    My dogs arrived in Sydney last night - so cant wait for that to be over!

    Well good luck to all are still early in the process and hello to all those lucky people that are already over there - see you soon :)

  2. Scotschick

    Scotschick Guest

    Good luck with the move. Hope everything goes okay for you.

    Whereabouts are you heading?
  3. hotpigeon3

    hotpigeon3 Guest

    Headed for St Lucia and I have to say I have only been there a week but i love it already :)
  4. badeany

    badeany Guest


    im moving to brisbane in july 2007 and also have a dog im thinking fo taking, he is a large weimaraner 7 years of age. just wondering if you gave any advice on it. such as if its worth putting the dog through the quarantine and how well they adapt to the australian climate[/i]

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