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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by cartertucker, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. cartertucker

    cartertucker Guest

    Well, its been a long time since I was on this site...So much has happened

    In a nutshell: The visa rules changed & we had to be state sponsered, Queensland didnt sponser my hubbys trade, so we applied to WA....

    Arrived here in WA just 5 months ago & are now seriously thinking (again) that Queensland will be better suited for our Family

    We will stay here for probably another 2 years & come on a reccie to Queensland first though

    So, hence me coming back on here....

  2. Anouska

    Anouska New Member


    I remember you from Perth poms :)

    We were 2008 to 2011 going to Perth then changed to Queensland.

    We have just arrived back from a 3 week trip to the sunshine coast, Queensland for our family is more suited but there are defiantly pros and cons for both.

    During our 3 week stay apart from meeting up for a coffee with Sharon ( from this site) we never met one migrant and although you want to mix with the locals and the Australian culture I think you also need a balance and people who know what you are going through ( ups n downs).

    Maybe that's just me !!! I am a people person and love a good chat!!!

    There are lots to way up, I'm here if you need a chat or any advice.

    Good luck with your decision

    Anouska :) xx
  3. srp

    srp No longer active member

    My, My, that name is familiar...... :biglaugh:, Get yourself over here for your reccie and if it what you are looking for then start making plans, it may be two years down the line but you would at least have a plan and something to look forward to.

    QLD offers a very diverse mixture of places to live, from the Far north QLD with its tropical climate and rainforests down to the more temperate climate of southern QLD. We also have the drier and often cooler towns and cities further inland. I live just north of Hervey Bay and its a sub tropical climate with very mild winters, hot summers but not as humid as the Brisbane Area.

    So, get yourself sorted............... and then plan your escape from WA....... (imagine the response if I said that on PIO). You are torturing yourself at the moment wondering if you did the right thing, So take control of your future and spend the next 18 months planning your next move, just like you did when you moved 5 months ago to Australia, only this time you are "emigrating" to QLD from WA...

    Good luck what ever you choose....
  4. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Queensland is fab , but have you been out and explored WA before you jump ship? I know you said you had been busy with baby etc since arriving but you may find just moving suburb gives you a totally different outlook on life.
    Good Luck with whatever you decide

    Cal x
  5. Danny&Em

    Danny&Em Guest

    Well hello... Some may recognize my / our name Danny&Em from Poms in Oz... I have changed the Avatar just in case anybody recognizes us downunder and wishes to buy us a beer. I certainly recognize Carertuckers names from Poms in Oz....

    To cut a long story short – we to got caught up in the visa melody (Cat4,, SMP and so on). We did bags of research and thought of both Perth & Qld and booked our flights accordingly. The more research we did the more and more we steered towards Perth, to an almost certainty. [we loved them both from our backpacking days by the way.]

    Anyway, We spend a week in each to compare apples for apples. It was pretty clear cut, the Sunshine Coast was amazing,, goose bumps with excitement, it had a sparkle.,., a magic about the place & thinking about our little one playing in the surf etc.....
    We then hit Pert, and to put it bluntly, were disappointed, esp with the Northern suburbs. Fremantle came to the rescue and offered a really good place.

    But wow – Sunshine Coast was magic. January 2013 is our ETA!! We loved it!

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