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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by kell& mart, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. kell& mart

    kell& mart Guest

    hi everyone! we've been members of pio for a couple of months, only just found this site!! we've just heard that mart has got a job based in Beenleigh, S. Brisbane ( with Queensland health) and i'm a bit stuck on how to start looking for places to live! i've downloaded google earth, which is making our old computer v. slow!! mart thinks Cleveland could be good, we need to have nursery schools, parks nearby as have 3 1/2 year old and 18 mth old. Help! any info on south and east Brisbane, and lovely places to live! i'm asking for help because we cannot afford to go and look around the area before moving!!

  2. alles

    alles New Member

    :smile:Hi kell+Mart welcome we live in coomera which is 10 mins from beenleigh lots of parks schools and kindies plus beaches and attractions and shops.Ormeau and pimpama are nice to and even closer.
    What kind of job does other half do for health service.
    Hope it helps all the best the taylors coomera.:smile:
  3. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hiya guys ,the problem you have is there are too many nice places,lol. Pimpama like alles says is lovely,Coomera,oxenford all around there is ok ,it depends how long you want to travel and what style of housing you like,Edens Landing is another nice area near Beenleigh,Shailer Park,Daisy Hill are all family areas. We offer furnished accommodation for new arrivals to stay for a few weeks when they arrive so they can look at areas and we are on hand to help with securing a 6mth rental etc,registering with centrelink and ll the other jobs that need doing ,like you many familys cant afford a reccie and dont want to end up in the wrong area so find furnished accommodation for a base.Let me know if its something you fancy.In the meantime have a look on at propertys in and around beenleigh ,it will give you an idea of prices.
    Cal x
  4. cityfan

    cityfan Guest

    beenleigh health jobs!

    [....... we've just heard that mart has got a job based in Beenleigh, S. Brisbane ( with Queensland health) ]

    :laugh:HI...i am a nurse and hoping to get over in 12 months to similar area...hope you don't mind me being nosey...where is the job near beenleigh, is it a state place and is it a nursing job? sponsor will be qsld health so i could go anywhere, ideally i would like a job in the suburbs of brisbane not right in the center but hey i'll go wherever!!!.....hope all works out fine for you....cityfan...x:rofl:
  5. bacardi167

    bacardi167 New Member

    hi, im new to this site too. My family and i are hoping to move to Brisbane in the next 6- 12 months and location has been our main concern. I have 2 young children (3 & 7) and was going to do a reccky @ feb time. If u can provide info and accomodation short term; id love to spk to you further.
    Please contact me by reply on my e-mail at your own convenience.
    Steve & Katie
  6. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hiya guys we find most families that stay did so as they didnt have a reccie and so wanted a couple of weeks to look at various suburbs and either tick or cross them off the list!lol,Having us on hand is a bonus as theres always someone too answer your questions or just have a chat with,we have also built up excellent working relationships with many real estate agents and havnt yet had a problem securing a longer term rental for any of our clients.
    We are personally about 25 mins from Beenleigh,50mins from the gold coast and only 40 mins from Brisbane city,there are very few ''to avoid'' areas ,only a couple in the centre of Logan City that i personally wouldnt live in.
    feel free to pm or post any questions and ill do my best to help
    Cal x
  7. lisa72

    lisa72 Guest

    Hi Cal
    Oh I hope you can help. My hubby has just been offered a job working in centre of Brisbane, neither of us have been to Australia before. We have 2 little girls 5 (just starting school next week) and 2 1/2 year old. We currently live in a little village in Lancashire and I know that the same will probably not exist but I really need some (inside) help about really great little primary schools, places that are really nice to live about 40 mins max from Brisbane and we would love to rent a 4 bed place with a pool if possible. The job is 4 year contract and I am kind of resigned to the fact that we very well may have to move at least once when we get there to get the right area, but hopefully with your help that may not happen. Also, we are having all our stuff shipped over so we would want a non furnished place. Here's hoping you mail me back. Many thanks for reading this. Regards. Lisa. x
  8. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi Lisa ive just replied to your other thread ,i will send you a pm ,
    (little box top right)
    Cal x

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