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Discussion in 'Socialising & Get Togethers' started by fitzyinoz, Jul 16, 2008.

  1. fitzyinoz

    fitzyinoz Guest

    Hi there, my other half is keen to get back into a bit of exercise. He used to love play footy and was, by all accounts, pretty good as a young whipper snapper before he discovered beer and girls. So I'm wondering if there is anyone out there who knows of a social five a side or full footy team playing for a bit of exercise/R&R? He's 33 so it might have to be an over 30 team (hee hee). Oh yeah the other thing is he's an aussie (but please dont hold that against him - he loved all things pom when we lived back in the UK.. except the weather) . We live Tingalpa so it might be better that side of town - although he works North side often so wouldnt rule anything out :smile: cheers

  2. itsjo

    itsjo Guest

    Hi :)
    I know that some of the guys around where we are are desperate to get out on the field again...Shame we dont live a bit closer as I am sure we would have a league on our hands :)
    Good luck with finding a team..Or maybe you could advertise to start one up..Or is that more trouble than it is worth lol
    Jo x
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  3. RikShot

    RikShot Guest

    I posted an ad about 5 aside yesterday which could be suitable for your partner. If he's keen he's welcome to come along this thursday (tomorrow) to fill in as we're short of players. If he enjoys it, he can then sign up for next season which starts next month (16 games in total). The game starts at 6.00pm in Spring Hill so if he can make that, give me a call (Rik) on 0401 293 589
  4. Sharon

    Sharon Guest

    Hi FitzyinOz,

    Did your hubby find a football team? We have just arrived here (been here a month) and my hubby is looking to do the same thing - he used to play 5's every week back home in Scotland and although he played in a team that had young pups in it who were in their 20's, he is just about to hit 40!! An active 40 though, as he also loves to play golf so he also looking at places he can take that up too - just wondered if your hubby had joined a team that maybe needed more players??


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