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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by gordon, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. gordon

    gordon Guest

    might have a chance of going on a 457 visa no sure how this works what if employer no longer wishes to employ you after a certain priod do you have to find an employer who does and can you be asked to leave country after 28 days wouldnt like to get setteled and be forced to leave any info would be welcome

  2. Mark and Jo

    Mark and Jo The MadHatters

    If you are sponsored on a 457 by a company and they decide to stop your sponsorship for any reason you have 28 days in order to find someone else. If you cant locate another one you do have to go! 457 is oftten called the risky visa but for many it is their only option!
  3. Sharon

    Sharon Guest

    Hi Gordon
    I am going out to Brisbane on a 457 visa at the end of August, we don't have enough points to apply for perm residency straight away and although it is a slightly more risky option there are some good perks too. Yes, your new employer might not like you but after spending a fair bit of money on geting you out there I think you would have to be doing really badly for them to let you go, I'm sure that doesn't happen very often. However another scenerio is that you may not like them, and then you will feel stuck with them, as they are your sponsor; in my case, I was lucky enough to fly out in November and had multiple meetings with quite a few people from the organisation, all were lovely. I found out that they also sponsor a few other UK people on the same visa and they are all loving it and I also did my research on them which all came back positive. As I am going to be working in recruitment I think I can safely say that if you don't like your new employer/new employer doesn't like you, and you haven't done anything criminal that would make your new employer want you to leave, I would be fairly confident another company would transfer the visa across to them as there is such a skills shortage out there, right across the board. You are not allowed to be out of work for more than 1 week on the 457 but I think transferring an already processed 457 visa would only take a matter of weeks, as it will just be a transfer of ownership and additional costs.
    The perks for the 457 are that you get a "living away from home allowance" which means that your rent and a certain amount of your food bill is tax free, childcare is tax free and some companies also offer a tax free perk perk of half the cost of 1 flight home per year. When it is worked out you actually take home more money in your pay than the Aussie working in the same job next to you. On the break down schedule I have been sent, the savings are could stay on the 457 for 2 years and then apply for residency anyway, once you are working and living there, thats what we hope to do.
    Worth a shot in my opinion...hope this helps
  4. julie35

    julie35 Guest

    I too have been offered a 457 visa, working in brisbane. do you know if my husband would be allowed to work if i am granted the visa? also, you mentioned the tax breaks, would that also go for my husband if he was able to find employment?i was concerned about the cost of living if my husband didn't get work straight away. we have a 4 year old who would need childcare so was glad to hear its tax free!!
    any info would be greatfully accepted!
  5. Mark and Jo

    Mark and Jo The MadHatters

    Your husband can work and there are no limitations on that
  6. julie35

    julie35 Guest


    thanks for your response, and even better that its good news too! Julie
  7. sheena

    sheena Guest

    hiya, can i just point out that an empolyer does not have to offer you "living away from home allowance", it is down to each company what they give you! and never heard of this childcare is tax free!! as you are on a 457 you have to pay full price for childcare until you get pr, then its cheaper!!
    each company offers different packages for a 457, dont assume any thing until you have it in writing!!
    we have been here for 4 months now on a 457, we got all flights paid for , cost of container to bring our goods, 3 weeks hotel accomadation, all fee's for visa's, medical's etc paid for, but we know of a friend of our's who is also here on a 457, and got 4 weeks accomadation and that was it!! they had to pay for the flights, etc,etc,etc!! don't mean for this to sound bad but dont give people false hope thinking they wll get this that or the other paid for!! like i said each company is different, and each offer different things!!

  8. cityfan

    cityfan Guest

    457 info

    hi...i have been gathering info to send off to the healthcare agency to submit a 457 visa application and have changed my mind....i emailed australia house(australian consulate) in london and asked about school fees on a 457.....i have 2 girls aged 10 and 12....they have informed me, as we would be classed as temporary residents we would have to pay all school fees until we got perm res........this could take a while and the fees are a few thousand pounds per term....this has made me rethink my a nurse i can get state sponsorship on a 176 visa...this needs 100 points on the test and although it may take a bit longer than the 457...we have a house to sell so probably wouldn't be ready to go in 6months anyway!!!........they told me, a 457 visa is a work permit and you still have to pay quite a lot for perm res visa once you apply for it will cost lots more in the long run!!!
  9. sheena

    sheena Guest

    hiya, in queensland you do not pay school fees on a 457 visa!! my 2 are both in school, and we only pay for the books etc!

  10. cityfan

    cityfan Guest

    school fees...

    hi thanks for that info, thats great news for me!!!.......i have also received an email from the dept of education saying the same as you....perhaps i should email the consulate to let them know their info is wrong!!!! hahaha....:laugh:
  11. snowyhaze

    snowyhaze New Member

    I am a little worried after reading all your posts, please someone put my mind at rest!

    I am coming over in December on a 457 Long Stay Business Visa, and my Partner is coming with me as my Defacto partner. Someone here stated that you can only be out of work for one week on a 457 Visa??? I am not worried for myself as I know the ins and outs of my new job as I worked for the Headquarters in the UK and am well versed on what I need to do, but what about my partner? Does this mean they will deport him if he doesn't find work within a week???

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