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Discussion in 'Renting & Real Estate' started by fayeandkeith, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. fayeandkeith

    fayeandkeith Guest

    hi guys

    Just wanted to see if anyone was interested in a 3 bed house in The Gap - tenant arrive back from travels end of March. Great house ony 500 p week - bargain as we only took it for 7 months but now have a great opportunity up the coast and want to go ASAP. You can walk to the shopping centre and bus stops and park for kids. 15 min into town out of rush hr. The kids all ride on their bikes around here, family friendly, lovely neighbours and we wouldn't want to leave except we have decided we want a coastal lifestyle. Would be great starting point. We rented white goods etc while we were waiting for our belongings and still worked out loads cheaper than a furnished app. Amazing pool and a backyard to play in. Please contact me ASAP if you are interested and I can mail you some pics. owners have been lovely and really would not want to leave them in the lurch - great opportunity .

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