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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by slacky, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. slacky

    slacky New Member

    Hi everyone,just a quick one, i have been told that power tools on building sites in Oz are 240 volts .is this true as i now have about £5000 worth of useless 110v power tools !!!! thanks Des.

  2. Don QuayPoly

    Don QuayPoly New Member

    Hey Des or was it Slacky ?, reference 110v power tools. Yes it is true. On every building site I have worked on in Aus, the standard is 220/240v. So unless you want to haul around a 220-110v transformer, then you might find your old tools a bit useless. bummer aye:mad:
  3. PommyPaul

    PommyPaul New Member

    Yes it is true, I had a lot of 110v tools and sold most of them before coming to Oz. 110v would just be so impractical here with the whole voltage difference.

    Keep your cordless items, that way you can just put them onto an adaptor, or change the plug, or keep a 4 - 6 plug extension and change the plug on that, to charge them etc......

    One option would be to keep your tools in the Uk and wait until you have settled and know it is for you out here, then sell them on a return visit etc....

    Or if you feel you will not get enough back on them, keep them and when going back to the Uk take a nice long break and arrange work for when you are there, that way you can still earn and holiday for a long period.

    If there is anything I have learnt since being here is be open to everything as nothing is set in stone, don't rush into decisions as you will regret it, think everything over lots.

    Hope this helps
  4. slacky

    slacky New Member

    Thanks for that,its a real help, cheers ...Des

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