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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Fudgley, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. Fudgley

    Fudgley Guest

    I've got an interview in N Brisbane next week and have only got a few hours to look around for suitable suburbs to live, (If I get the job).
    Has anyone any suggestions on where to look ?
    We both like a bit of life ie Pubs etc and we dont want to be too far from the coast.
    We have visited the CBD before and we both liked the West End. Is this area any good for kids (age 8) and commutable to Virginia area ?
    Are there any similar areas to the West end in the north ?
    Any pointers will be much appreciated.


  2. Fudgley

    Fudgley Guest

    Thanks everyone for all your really helpful advice !!!
  3. spamo

    spamo Guest

    I dont know the west End at all, only ever been North of brisbane in the couple of months we have been here, but what I can say is that Albany Creek is lovely and is great for kids, - its worth a look.
  4. Fudgley

    Fudgley Guest

    Thanks Spamo, I'm up there tomorrow, will have a quick look.

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